When the Wild Wind Blows

How good is When the Wild Wind Blows on a scale of 1-10?

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Ancient Mariner
Re: Daily Song: When the Wild Wind Blows

8/10- I like this song but I don't love it.  It sounds way too typical of a Steve penned track as it shares similar melodies/ideas with Blood Brothers (superior tune), No More Lies (about equal), and For the Greater Good of God (superior song).  I like the narrative structure of it and how it moves but it just never quite seems to get going.  I'd imagine this going down better live if they are playing it but on record it's just kind of OK. 

Nigel Tufnel

Ancient Mariner
Re: Daily Song: When the Wild Wind Blows

I gave it an 8. It's a really good song. I did'nt like it at first because it was right behind TMWWBK, but it grew on me.


Ancient Mariner
9. At first, I thought it wouldn't grab me after the first listening, but, it just lured me into more and more listenings. Fantastic set of melodies. Mr. Harris is a genius.


An instant favourite of mine, like so many other Maiden records this album concludes with an excellent song, everything about this track is great, and even though this song is the longest on the album it has plenty going on to keep it interesting, 10/10.
9. I did not think much of this song the first time I heard it, but yesterday after about my tenth listen it finally clicked. I think it's great, but it took a long time to grow on me.


Ancient Mariner
Brilliant song. Janick's solo is sensational, one of his best, without a doubt. The "Picture on the wall is falling down" part is one of the finest moments on the album.

Dr. Eddies Wingman

Brighter than thousand_suns
I've already commented on some things earlier in the thread, now time for my rating.

The song is obviously well worked out, and the lyrics are simplistic for a reason - it seems to fit to the image they try to paint. Musically, I have the feeling that 'Arry plays it safe. The intro has some Fear of the Dark to it; first, the bass plays one motif, before a guitar melody starts, and then the vocal line follows the guitar melody. I also think of For The Greater Good Of God a few times during the song, and as discussed earlier the breakdown after the solos is very similar to Afraid To Shoot Strangers.

The song is great, but it feels a bit too much like they played it safe. Thus no top mark, but another 9.
10/10. I love the intro, and how it builds up to the whole band coming in. I love every part of this song, but the solos and the singing are especially awesome.


The best song on the album. The intro/outro is beautiful and the main of the song is interesting. Bruce is fantastic as are all of the solos. Some of the melodies inside the main song are brilliant. My favourite parts are: the intro, the part where the intro melody is played louder (Have you heard what they said on the news today?), the instrumental work at 5:04 and 6:04 and the second of the "I can't believe all the lying" parts. The way Bruce leads the band into that bit is fantastic. It took me a while to appreciate Nicko on this song but he is immense on it. An easy 10/10.


Ancient Mariner
Don't you hear something kind of "autotunish" in part survivors unite all as one  :ninja:

I know it's probably just Bruce playing with his voice, but that part always sounds a bit suspicious to me.

But besides that, totally ingenious song, the melodies are one of the bestest, 10.


This is the Iron Maiden song which my opinion is most divided upon. I gave it 7, because I don't know. It never truly clicks - whatever the number of fantastic melodies; whatever the quality of intrumental and vocal delivery it may have.
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If TFF is truly Maiden's final album and, thus, this is their final song....WHAT A WAY TO GO OUT.
Beautiful music, such inspired and divine melodies...gotta love it. Bruce is masterful and showcases his amazing range and just swells with so much emotion. Genius.


The song does not fit me. I made the mistake of reading the lyrics before hearing the song. To me the song is about a sad couple. That has built a shelter to be safe in case of a fallout period. First would one want to live in a shelter for two years. Second, two years would not be enough.

The couple is very British but I mistook them for Americans. Whenever I hear of stories of shelters being built to withstand fallout it is allways America.

Is there some way to make my thinking undone? The songs sounds good but I keep "seeing" the sad couple.
This song really caught my attention, really very different from most songs in many ways...I love the groove...it's totally "in the pocket" yet is very heavy - I give it a 10