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Hi everyone,

In order to encourage deeper discussion, we wanted to draw attention to a few ongoing threads that are a bit deeper down in the forum. As we move our community building to digital, I'd like to encourage everyone to try to participate!

The Greatest Metal Song Cup - Where we use competitive voting to truly answer the question: what is the greatest (non-Maiden) metal song of all time!

Other Music Forum - This forum has discussion for all sorts of different types of music. You can see a (slightly out of date) master list of threads here or you can visit the Judas Priest thread, one of the most popular, to get started.

The 1,000,000 Replies Thread - This thread is the "running stream of consciousness" of Maidenfans.com. You can post just about anything there that lands within the rules. Help the goal of getting to a million replies!

Now Playing / Now Watching / Now Reading - Threads designed to share what we're currently doing for entertainment. Never ending threads designed to help you curate and grow collections.

We encourage you to join these deeper discussions!

Note: this post will be updated accordingly.
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Updated May 25th with a new link for the launch of the Greatest Metal Album Cup!!
Pleased to announce the launch of the Greatest Metal Song Cup!

Come join and help answer the age old question!
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