WHAMAGEDDON *insert current year*

If I play “Last Christmas” on purpose, do I lose? Or is it solely if it comes on when I’m not seeking it out?
Unless they play it in Pizza Hut on Tuesday I reckon I'm home and dry. Won't be going out again except for work before Christmas
I'm out. Someone requested this song at one of those charity telathon thingys.
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Man I got that close. Walked a few kilometers to find the right mall for some emergency business shopping. Once done I saw a Shake Shack and decided to have 2 unhealthy burgers.

The moment I paid, enter Mariah and her Xmas album.

Nightmare. I start eating in panic afraid that Wham will come next. Thankfully the playlist was quite elaborate; next song was something else and by the next one I was already done.

False alarm (or maybe deliberate stitch-up :S)

She only played one of the crap covers - I don't even have any idea who the culprit was for that occasion :D

I'm still in for a bit longer:yey:
So far I'm still in.

No Wham, no Mariah, no Welsh Cringemas, no actual carols prematurely in the Advent time.

And thankfully no godawful Communist-era secular Christmas "holiday" songs.