WHAMAGEDDON *insert current year*


Last Son of The Miracle
As you wish, @CriedWhenBrucieLeft


The festive season is upon us, so it's time for WHAMAGEDDON!

Here be the rules:

Whamageddon begins December 1st and ends on December 24th at midnight, you must make it until then WITHOUT hearing the eternal classic "Last Christmas" by Wham!, remixes and covers don't count. If you hear the song, you lose. Tell us here so we can all laugh at your misfortune.

Best of luck to ya.

Joke's on you, Christmas is less of a deal here than New Year's Eve and I never hear that song playing.

I did hear it in other countries in every shop when I was abroad in December - Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia etc.
I've never heard it. Can I listen to it once so that I'll know if I accidentally listen to it?
I'll play along, but I will probably lose. The place I work plays Christmas music all month.
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Since I’ve never heard this song before, if I hear it, I won’t know that I’ve heard it, and thus I will not have consciously known that I lost Whamageddon, meaning that I can never technically lose this thing. I am immortal!
Then I've already lost. I heard it when I was working at a processing center earlier this week.