Wasting Love

How good is Wasting Love on a scale of 1-10?

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I don't care what anyone says, I think this song is absolutely perfect. No, it doesn't sound like typical Maiden, but why shouldn't they be able to step out of the box?

The guitar work is subtle, classy, and extremely catchy. Janick's solo is great.

I fully believe this to be one of the absolute best vocals Bruce has ever recorded.


This is a hard one. It's not a bad song, I just don't like it that much... Kind of the same situation as Prodigal Son.
The vocals don't click with me, and I'm not fond of the lyrics. But the chorus is okay, and so are the solo.



Best song on the album, no doubt. Feels very much like a song that easily could have been from the Tattooed Millionarie-sessions. The Gers/Dickinson-credit of course doesn't exactly convince me that it wasn't... Absolutely love the guitar solo. One of the best in any Maiden-song.

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Ancient Mariner
Last time we all heard a decent harmony part in a Maiden album.Love the lyrics,love the chorus and the acoustic bits.Good solo. In my head this is still good old Maiden 9/10


Educated Fool
8. This song is great. Killer chorus and a great solo to boot.


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Ancient Mariner
Perhaps this isn't a very Maiden-y song in some ways, but it is an awesome track. A real gem in a mediocre album.


Ancient Mariner
Always liked this one. Beautiful tune, and yet again with wonderful guitar playing, and you can feel the longing in Bruce's voice. 8/10


clap hands

Speaking of experimental, Wasting Love is Iron Maiden’s only power ballad. It’s easy to write off as a sell-out moment, but it’s gorgeous. Janick’s songwriting ability was starting to take hold within the band, enough for Steve to let the acoustic guitars out of the closet. I will certainly accept that Wasting Love does not sound at all like Iron Maiden, but that’s part of what makes it so amazing. Bruce gives the performance of a lifetime on this ballad and Janick delivers probably his single best recorded solo.


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Great start to this song with the twin guitar melodies going into an acoustic verse. Bruce's vocals on this are good and there's some really great melodies throughout. Awesome chorus. Yea maybe it's a bit commercial for them and another attempt at MTV play, but I'd rather have something like this than FHTE. It's an example of them doing something different that also works. Love the interaction between the guitars and bass throughout the song.

Another solid Janick solo. He's the MVP of this album. Maybe nobody else cared about the making of this album, but Janick gave it his all with the solos and writes some of the better songs on the album.



Seems to really divide opinion this one but I must say I love it. But power ballads are a bit of a guilty pleasure anyway for me.

Despite the pacing there's a raw and soulful power throughout. Bruce's vocal is magnificent in an era when it generally wasn't. I love the simplicity and power of Nicko's contribution here too. Nice arpeggio from Janick in the verses, awesome meaty riffs in the chorus then a killer solo.

It's a really nice song



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Janick sounds great on this. Bruce doesn't, and I can't hear much in the rest of the band. I can honestly say this song is one that I never listen to except for when I am spinning FotD (rare) or ranking songs.



Educated Fool
So when I first heard this track, I thought "This is the same band that did Rime and Hallowed, WTF?" - I was all about D&D style escapism at the time and a topical social issue illustrated through a power ballad wasn't exactly what I wanted from them in 1992.

Now with the passage of time, I've come to appreciate it a bit more and recognize the solid song writing, though it's still not my favorite. 7.


Educated Fool
I love the message of this song and can very much relate to the lyrics. It's a nice social commentary rather than the more typical Maiden subject matters.
A nice song, I love the intro harmonies and the solo, the verses are nice as well but I'm not a huge fan of the chorus. Still it's among the best songs of this album for me (if only they've done a 8 album song instead of 12, this album would have been much better imo)

Number 6

Ancient Mariner
Another quite underrated song, this one even by the band themselves. They don't even acknowledge its release as a single! Anyway, this is a beautiful song. Maiden's first try on a full-on power ballad, it comes off really strong and touching, both music and lyricwise. Bruce, in particular, puts a lot of emotion in his performance, and it works beautifully. 8.


A very good one, even though it’s not exactly a typical Maiden song. Bruce’s vocals work very well in my opinion, and they match quite emotional lyrics. Janick’s solo is great too. 8/10