Wasting Love

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Educated Fool
The lyrics of the song, according to him, were inspired by
Dickinson from his love affairs with fans during the first
Maiden tours in the US, which he later described as “relationships
mutual exploitation ". By extension the lyrics refer to isolation
which accompanies the multiple superficial relationships, which are direct
result of life in the modern big city and the fear of being unsuitable
emotional investment that characterizes it.
According to Dickinson, after he and Gers had written it
piece, hesitated to present it to Harris, believing that he would
considered very slow and foreign to the Maiden style, which obviously does not
done. In fact, Shay Baby, a sound engineer with whom he worked
Dickinson during the recording of the anecdotes “Keith Olsen
Sessions ", he has stated that the Maiden had sent him this piece to
give it a "different mix".
However, eleven years after the release of this unusual for
Maiden track data, McBrain said that move
was a product of compromise at the urging of the record company with
aspirations of commercial success, something that he had indirectly pointed out in the past
Harris. This, in addition to being expensive (due to the video clip and the promotion),
proved unsuccessful. Maybe also in those words of McBrain
hides the reason why, although it was his third single
album (and this without Eddie on the cover), was quickly withdrawn from
the market and has not been mentioned in the official Maiden discography since.