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Though between him and Biden I choose Trump any time.
I mean, sure, if you don’t care about democracy or ethics or morals, what’s not to like…?

Seriously, I’d vote for a cinder block before I’d vote for Donald Trump. And Biden’s at least a half a step above a cinder block. He’s willing to transfer power peacefully, not pardon seditionists, and not side with aggressive dictators over his own country. And the chances of Biden being in prison by the start of the next term are close to zero. Y’know, the sorts of things that used to be basic prerequisites for running for public office.
I mean, sure, if you don’t care about democracy or ethics or morals, what’s not to like…?
Or results. As Trump's AG Bill Barr said, if you like the Trump administration policies, then Donald Trump would be the last person being able to deliver them. Most of his legislative victories were traditional GOP positions and he failed on all his big promises; one of them Biden instead delivered on (infrastructure). Now, the judicial nominations (including SCOTUS), that is something GOP has been pining for for decades, but the architect behind would be McConnell, not Trump per se, although he loves to take credit.
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The SCOTUS appointments under Trump were a disaster and very unfortunate. The only reason to vote for Biden under current situation.

I don’t trust Biden Administration WWIII wise and this is the strongest argument and motivation to vote against them.
I was gonna type something longer but I guess I won’t. The idea that Trump is in any way better than Biden is nuts. They’re both old dipshits who are slowly losing their marbles, but at least Biden seems to care about protecting human rights. And he hasn’t raped anyone.

I’d really like to know why anyone would vote for Trump after that messy first term and after all the bullshit he’s said / done / been taken to court for since.
Donald Trump was possibly the worst president in US history, he's certainly in the bottom five. And there's a lot of Americans slavering for a return engagement.

Biden is going to come out as a mid-tier president with strong foreign policy skills. And that's leaps and bounds better than Trump.
I am skeptical that there are enough swing voters out there for Trump to win again. He had a pretty low ceiling in 2020 and that was with an incumbency advantage and before he tried to overturn an election. He doesn’t have a lot of room for error to begin with and there are already a couple battleground states from 2020 that, based on midterm results, are moving further out of reach.

Trump’s best hope is that a third party mounts a serious campaign in swing states allowing his 40-45% vote share to actually give him a victory.
I would like to believe this analysis, but a bad economy can really swing voter sentiment, and it's not even entirely clear who the public would blame if we had a debt default. Biden still potentially has the 14th Amendment option to continue paying the debt if McCarthy tries to take us off the cliff, but last time we only had to flirt with disaster to get our bond rating reduced for the first time in the country's history, so we'd likely suffer damage anyway.

The Democrats need to keep pounding the table about abortion rights, and running ads reminding people of Jan 6 with Trump's promise to pardon most of the participants, plus keeping any and all jury verdicts against Trump in the public consciousness. Normally an election like this would be a referendum on the current president and the economy, but these political circumstances are so bizarre that it can probably be turned into a second referendum on the Trump presidency if the Democrats are smart about it.
Recently I did a thought experiment to see what the electoral map could like in 24 based on the 2020 presidential results and based on any swings or non-swings in 2022. Current events such as the economy will definitely make it a much more volatile situation, obviously I'm basing everything on today's conditions and as we learned in 2020 a lot can change in a short period of time. With that being said, it looks really dire for Trump imo. This is what the map looked like in 2020 (keeping in mind Trump once again performed above expectations, this was the best he could do):


I would say Michigan and Pennsylvania are closer to safe D, based on last year's midterms. I think VA would vote for a Republican in 2024, but not Trump. That alone puts Biden at 260, meaning Trump needs to win GA, WI, and AZ. He can't afford to lose any of those (this isn't taking into account NV which would probably stay blue as well. I just have a hard time seeing how Trump, running for the third time and more unpopular than ever, would be able to pull that off. Where is he going to find new voters or independents who have changed their minds since 2020? If abortion and election security are still issues, that is going to push all three states needed to win into the blue column. I think he is really overrated as a general election candidate actually.
I think you're right, but I bet he starts tweeting again by the end of this year.
Yes, the rabid dog continues to froth at the mouth. Color me surprised.

There aren’t enough Republicans willing to vote for this to make anything happen. If they can’t even get the votes to impeach Mayorkas, there’s no way they can get the votes for Biden based on this. Only 5 Republicans need to withhold their support to make it dead on arrival, which is barely over 2% of their caucus. And, of course, a conviction would be politically impossible given the current makeup of the congress.
Fortunately since I have Travis' reply to Trump's impeachment, I don't need to type my own!
My God! All this just seems like a damn with hunt against Trump Biden. NEVER in history have I seen anything like this. Everyone really needs to quit all this bullshit and leave him the fuck alone and actually give him a chance to really do his job.
In all seriousness, I think the midterm results killed any chance of a Biden impeachment. There are too many reps in Biden districts that are going to face tough re-election next year, the last thing they need is to take a tough impeachment vote. Also, Biden doesn't have the same baggage that other impeached presidents (i.e. Nixon, Clinton, and Trump) had with regard to personal conduct. That's why Obama and Bush weren't impeached either, even though there were calls from within the party to do so. That's also why you're going to see Republicans run against his age and the economy rather than try to run against him as a person. He just isn't that type of politician.