Tournament of Maiden Solos: the Top 10 video!

Which guitar solo is your favourite?

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Pirate of the Undergorund
Wasted Years is the easy number 1. There's such passion in that solo, one of the best in the entire IM catalogue.
Second choice is The Clairvoyant.


clap hands
Also Wasted Years and The Clairvoyant, easily.

2 AM is rather similar to The Clairvoyant (two solos that stick within a limited note range), but the changes underneath the solo in Clairvoyant make it sound so much more vital and engaging.

TLOTLDR is great, but just sounds so odd in a Maiden song.


Living for Sanctuary from the law
Staff member
the 2 a.m. solo is very emotional and deliberate,
I like the way Wasted Years breathes, very Glenn Tipton
Runner is good, but a notch below the others.
Clairvoyant is the weak link here, seems a little rushed


Ancient Mariner
Wasted and Clairvoyant. The former is one of the top Maiden solos overall, I think I ranked it number 2 for Adrian.


This time I only cast one vote (which was to 2AM. Such a beautiful and melodic solo). Wasted Years and The Clairvoyant are a tie for me and I can't bring myself to choose one over the other.


Living for Sanctuary from the law
Staff member
I wouldn't have considered the intros for this game, but I would have been wrong.
Still Life a clear winner for me. CSIT gets my other vote, but we hear the first note of a better solo before it cuts off.