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TOOL was fucking epic tonight. They played
Part of Me
which I was not expecting at all. Also,
the new songs
were quite the treat as well. I'll give out more details later. Right now I need sleep.

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Alright @Collin you wanted an Undertow review? I’ll give you an Undertow review.

This album blows.

Every song on here feels the same, acts the same, doesn’t add anything new to the table. Well, almost. Sober is a good song. Prison Sex has a good riff. Undertow is unique. Disgustipated is fresh because it’s not another mid-paced song driven by riffs that don’t stand out at all.

Almost nothing on this album stands out. I accidentally played 4° twice because I didn’t remember how the fucking song went. Boring. Snooze fest.

Bottom has that Henry Rollins midpoem that feels like Lulu but uninteresting.

The whole album is just Maynard either sounding angry or half asleep.

Flood would be good if the buildup wasn’t four hours and the payoff wasn’t another fucking midpaced unoutstanding skng.

Intolerance was already boring, why did I expect anything more from this album?

Swamp Song has terrible, terrible lyrics.

Opiate was good because it was short and digestible, but here it’s just overlong and the variety is virtually zero.

I’ll just take Sober on its own next time because that’ll at least be fun. Fuck this album.

Rating: 49%


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That pretty much sums up Tool for me, although Undertow is significantly weaker than the next two albums.


New Tool is coming!
Undertow is certainly the weakest album, it's still pretty good though. Aenema will always be their best album to me though, it might be the greatest album ever made.


New Tool is coming!
A month and a half away and we don't have an album title or a tracklist. Not usually normal. Maybe they're keeping it secret to avoid leaks and building up hype.