Things about Iron Maiden that annoy you

What annoys me about Iron Maiden is their so called fans constantly bitching because the band:

a ) ....don't play gigs on their doorstep as they couldn't possibly be expected to make the effort to travel a bit to see them, perish the thought! I mean they're only a bunch of blokes well into their fifties, why can't they play gigs in every major town in every major city around the world so I can get to see them with the minimum of inconvenience to me- it's so unfair!

b ) ....don't play their own personal favourites (the more obscure track selected to bitch about the better it seems!) when they do tour.

c ) ...always play the same songs and they have seen them multiple times and are now fed up with hearing NOTB, IM, FOTD etc....never mind the numerous fans that are seeing them for the first time and have never (or hardly ever) heard these Classic songs live.

d ) ...use "Generic" art work on their albums, I mean it's only Iron Maiden who have a Iconic Image that is recognised around the world, but hey I'm bored with that, lets have some naked chicks, or a oh so scary blood and guts scene, so much more interesting eh?

e ) ....take so much down time between new records, it would be so much more interesting if they brought an album out every 18 months or so then I could bitch about how they are ripping fans off with their constant releases and hows it's obviously affecting the quality of the output...blah blah....

f ) .....stick to safe and "nothing outside the box" songwriting, I mean it's not as if they would do a song about an Airship crash that last 18mins, or one about an ancient civilisation like, er oh I know the Mayans or that, or songs based on famous novels and films or historical events etc.. they are obviously writing by numbers banging out generic 4 or 5 mins rock songs and filing their albums up with ropey ballads and cover versions.

I could go on but you probably get the gist...

I know life is all about opinions and there's nothing worse than "fan boys" who can't see anything wrong in something they love, but blimey this is a forum for Iron Maiden fans and we have fourteen (and counting!) yes fourteen(!!) pages of people moaning and bitching about a band they profess to love.

I've read this subject with growing incredulity the past few months, if this is the opprobrium heaped on a band supposedly dear to out hearts then I would hate to see what's said about a band we really don't like.

Anyway I expect a heap load of abuse for this but it was something I just had to get off my chest.

Cheers all,
Hermod, since people do love this band so much, they do care about things. That's why there can be some annoyance (criticism).
Not saying everybody should have something to complain, but it happens.
Well, I was refering to the discussion on page 12: if @Ashes In Your Mouth counts Eddie as a fifth member - not counting Nicko -, you might instead count Kevin Shirley. Actually the math goes like -1 (for Eddie) -1 (for Nicko) +1 (for Shirley) = 5. Pretty basic, if you ask me.

Yes. but if you don't count Nicko you have five without counting Eddie, or Kevin, or the fucking sheriff of Huddersfield. Alternate countings where one of the regular members is left out, qualify for labour camp in Bouvet Island and should not be used.
He's three. Which, strangely enough, is the number of guitarists currently in Maiden's lineup. This could mean he is Dave Murray and Janick Gers as well as being Adrian Smith. A Holy Trinity.
Production on the album is way better than the production of every single Maiden album not produced by Martin Birch.
You mean that the production on No Prayer for the Dying is better than Brave New World? :eek:

Something that annoys me: People criticizing Shirley for bad production.
You mean that the production on No Prayer for the Dying is better than Brave New World? :eek:

If I did mean that, I'd say "The production on that album is better than all Maiden albums except for all albums produced by Martin Birch." But I didn't.

The production on BNW is the only one of the post-Birch era that can hang with Awoken Broken.