The Trooper

How good is The Trooper on a scale of 1-10?

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Re: Daily Song: The Trooper

This song has more energy than almost any other Maiden song, and it is in a way a showcase of the 80s sound.  It was once my favourite song.  But, it's still nowhere near Maiden's best song, and it's also not as good live as you'd think.  I'd say 8.5, but dropped to 8.
Re: Daily Song: The Trooper

The best of the popular Maiden trio (RTTH, NotB, Trooper) by a distance. The riff, lyrics, vocals, bassline and solos are all awesome. The 2nd song to get me into Maiden. 2 best POM song after Revelations. 10.
Re: Daily Song: The Trooper

6/10. Sorry, but this is one song that, for me, has been played to death and I'm getting to the point were I have stopped enjoying listening to it. I only had it as "not bad" when it came out and I've never got beyond that. I would have Run to the Hills over this live anyday.

mckindog said:
I don’t want to give 10s like cougars hand out phone numbers at a Def Leppard concert.
That comment deserves a praise. :ok:
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Overplayed, but essential to a Maiden head and for when someone new get into the band. 10!!!
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I really, really love the fact the chorus has no lyrics - quite novel in my opinion.  The harmonic riff is classic Maiden and again the solos deliver.  I always rued the fact they didn't play this on their SIT tour in 87 and therefore was over the moon when it was played on SBIT.

Yes, like many, I have overplayed it over the years and therefore it has lost much of its appeal - but I disregard this when rating as that is a disadvantage vintage Maiden has on new Maiden - age.

But what prevents this song receiving a higher mark is Bruce's singing during the first that an American accent he is trying on?  I have always questioned "YouRRRs too".  Nothing against American accents, but it tarnishes the song as he's a pom.

9  Yes it's overplayed but stepping away from that for a moment the song it self is an all time classic!
A relentless riff that remains one of Maiden's trademarks.  The song grips you and does not let go from the opening until the ending 'oh, oh, oh, oh'. 9.
Great intro, excellent oh-oh-oh chorus, unbelievable guitar solos which became a trademark. Now, it's maybe overplayed, but 9 is too little for that Metal Classic. Thus a 10/10
Classic as hell. Yes, it's overplayed but I don't give a shit. Fantastic solos, fantastic melodies, one of the best Bruce performances. 10/10
If a song is this good and gets me pumped every time I hear it, no matter how often, it is certainly not overplayed in my book. It's exciting from start to finish, and there's no way it could get any better. This is the essential heavy metal song full stop. 10/10.
9 out of 10... The only reason I'm not giving this one a ten is that I've simply O.D.'d on it over the years. I think it's one of their all time greatest, but for me, oddly enough, hasn't stood the test of time like some of their other early stuff. Sacrelige, I know, but it is what it is...
After almost 20 years I am still enthousiastic about this track.

If I had to choose one single Iron Maiden song, that would never bore me, even if I would play it every week, it would be The Trooper. Of course I am not listening to this studio version every week, but I downloaded many bootlegs over the years and I always chose this track as a "tester":

"How is the quality of the bootleg? I'll just check The Trooper first!" ;-)

So I heard many versions of this song and it never bores me. Definitely one of the best short Iron Maiden songs ever made. Nothing wrong with it. Great vocals, great guitar harmony, great solos and of course the great thundering bass guitar.

If someone ever has to show a typical Maiden song or the way Steve Harris plays his bass, then this is the song to play at ten!
                             ... ten!
                                                 ... 10!
I used to think this song was somewhat overrated, but fuck it, it gets a ten.  Does not get old, and the energy is astounding.
As far as popular songs go, this is Maiden's best. Great guitar harmony s, lyrics, a live gem, and awesome solos. 9/10
A timeless classic, most headbangable Iron Maiden song, with amazing guitars. Probably the catchiest Iron Maiden song. My second favorite Iron Maiden song, only surpassed by Hallowed Be Thy Name. 10/10.
There is no reason for this song to deserve a lower rating than ten, and the reasons for this song deserving a ten have already been said in this thread.
10/10, I give this one a ten but it deserves a lot more, another live favourite of mine, the guitar work is exceptional, not only one of Maiden's best tracks ... but one of the best metal songs of all time.