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Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
Not a perfect retelling of "The Charge of the Light Brigade" but the Maiden gallop is in full force here. It may be overplayed, but it's one of the most melodic popular metal songs you'll ever hear. Definitely a 10/10.


What are we, but men without eyes?
Eh I don't feel it as much as others it seems, something's missing in this song and I don't know what that is :S


Yes, Yes, Another Beer!
An iconic descending lead gains some harmony before breaking into a galloping harmonized lead. Bruce trades back and forth with the band between superb a capella verse lines and brief musical accents before they join together for the galloping second verse. Bruce delivers some nice harmonized "oh-ohs" that serve as the chorus.

More harmonized lead, verse, and chorus, and then we break into an excellent pair of solos with sweet bass accompaniment. Another round of harmony, verse, and chorus, and an intro reprise takes us out.

Everything here is tight, exciting, and brilliant, with the possible exception of the wordless chorus. But that minor weakness isn't enough to challenge this song's 10/10.

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
Maiden continue to showcase that they're better read than most metal bands by adapting a fucking poem to music. Well not exactly, but the inspiration of "The Charge of the Light Brigade" on this song is easy to see. Featuring one of metal's most acclaimed riff, great examples of the Maiden gallop, and expert musicianship all-round, this is a fiery number with a lot of bite to it. One of the most iconic metal songs ever, it doesn't even have a proper chorus, but damn if it doesn't sound great. The solos are excellent too. Even if it may have a bit of an overplayed status, this song is well worthy of the acclaim. 10


Mr. Blue Sky
Oh, boy. This here folks for the longest time was my favourite song ever, not just by Maiden, but in general. While it certainly no longer holds that mighty title and has left my top 10 completely, including my Maiden top 10. So, it has indeed fallen pretty far from where it was. Where does that leave it, though? Well, it's not as if I don't like it anymore, I still totally do and will always happily give it a 10/10 without hesitation. It's one of the band's greatest staples, one that works fantastic as a introduction to the band since it's got everything you came to their music for, if you just know about Maiden from reading a brief description of them somewhere. Classic doesn't even begin to describe this one.

I am absolutely convinced that it's never going out of style for me and for most Maiden fans. Don't you freaking dare call it overrated!


Out of the Silent Planet
Immortal classic! Killer opening of the song. The twin-lead harmonies are timeless and vintage Maiden. Galloping tempo is of course classic Maiden. Great bass playing. Awesome verses and the chorus is perfect for the song. Great lyrics, as well. Both solos are amazing. The riff and the whole song are iconic. Eternal single cover. This song is like the emblem of the band. 10/10.


Years Wasted
Well... Since I have my book to sell ( for supporting my old folks in Venezuela, this kind of post will be one of the lasts...

Live History

'The Trooper' is Maiden's 4th most played song because it has been played on the:

World Piece Tour – UK & Europe (3); World Piece Tour – North America & Europe (2nd Leg) (4); World Slavery Tour (3); Rock In Rio ’85 (3); World Slavery Tour 1985 – Japan (3 or 4); Charlotte & The Harlots Concerts – Europe & North America (5); Seventh Tour Of A Seventh Tour – North America (5); Charlotte & The Harlots Concert – UK (6); Donington ‘88 (6); Seventh Tour Of A Seventh Tour – Europe (6); The Holy Smokers Concert (12); Intercity Express Tour (13); No Prayer On The Road 1990 - Europe (13); No Prayer On The Road 1990 – North America (11); No Prayer On The Road 1991 – North America (2nd & 3rd Gig) (12); No Prayer On The Road 1991 – Japan (13); No Prayer On The Road 1991 – Europe (2nd Leg) (12); The Nodding Donkeys Concert (16); Fear Of The Dark Tour – North America (16); Fear Of The Dark Tour – South America & Europe (19); Donington ‘92 (18); Fear Of The Dark Tour – Central America & Mexico (18); Fear Of The Dark Tour – Australia & Japan (17); Real Live Tour – Europe (First 5 Dates) (21); Real Live Tour – Europe, UK & Russia (19); Raising Hell (2); The X Factour 1995 – Middle East & UK (18); The X Factour 1995 & 1996 – Europe, UK, North America & Japan (18); The Angel And The Gamblers Concert (18); Virtual XI World Tour – Europe & UK (19); Virtual XI World Tour – North America (19); Virtual XI World Tour – North America (July 5 & August 2) & Mexico (17); Virtual XI World Tour – Europe (Budapest, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Germany & France) (18); Virtual XI World Tour – UK (2nd Leg) (17); Virtual XI World Tour – Japan (18); Virtual XI World Tour – South America (16); Ed Hunter Tour (3); Brave New World Tour (9); Clive Burr Ms Trust Fund 2002 (9); Give Me Ed… 'Til I'm Dead Tour (2); Dance Of Death Tour – Europe (First 2 Dates) (3); Dance Of Death Tour (4); Eddie Rips Up The World Tour (4); Ozzfest 2005 (Supporting Act) (2); Ozzfest 2005 (Headlining Performance) (4); Clive Burr MS Trust Fund 2005 (4); A Matter Of Life And Death World Tour 2007 (5); A Matter Of The Beast Summer Tour ’07 (5); Somewhere Back In Time World Tour ’08 (4); Somewhere Back In Time World Tour ’09 (Belgrade) (6); Somewhere Back In Time World Tour ’09 (5); The Final Frontier World Tour 2011 (First 2 Dates) (6); The Final Frontier World Tour – Europe & UK (7); Maiden England World Tour (6); The Book Of Souls World Tour 2016 (6); The Book Of Souls World Tour 2017 (7); Legacy Of The Beast European Tour (5) & Legacy Of The Beast 2019 Tour (5).


June 27, 1990 - 'The Trooper' is performed publicly for the first time ever by the Harris/Murray/Dickinson/McBrain/Gers line-up as a surprise encore at a Bruce's Solo Tour (Tattooed Millionaire) gig at London's Astoria.

"Two reasons really. First I just love the artwork and I really wanted a tattoo of Eddie on my arm, because he epitomizes what Maiden is. And also so that I could have the Union Jack Flag, as I am very patriotic. So having that tattoo meant that I could kill two birds with one stone." (Steve Harris for Patrick of the IMFC on why he choose The Trooper for a Tattoo – 1999)

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