The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg

How good is The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg

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Greenwich in the Sky

That riff that comes in at the two-minute mark is crushing. Why on earth the song just doesn't end at 7:04 is beyond me. Something tells me they meant to do more with the useless reprise of the intro verse part but forgot to cut it out once they realized they didn't need it. I could play devil's advocate, however, and say it's a good way to end the song because it leaves you expecting more to happen and then it just...ends. Does that really make sense, though?


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Dave Murray brought the riffs. This song is crushingly heavy and has one of the best energies on the album. It just grooves hard. The intro is dark and mysterious, the main bulk of the song is one great part after another. One of my favorite Maiden choruses, just a really nice melody that sits perfectly in Bruce’s voice. Instrumental section is fantastic. Love the riffs, love the guitar harmony and the call and response thing they did with it. One of Dave’s all time best solos too. I love the outro, love the moment of silence before everything softens up. Great dynamics.

I am surprised that Steve stumped so many people with the lyrics. He is obviously the reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg. Steve is really at his best when he’s talking about his tortured mind. This was a creative approach to a topic that has been broached several times in the band’s career. One of Maiden’s best. 10


Stranger to the Light
Now THIS is it! Some of the best vocals on the album, and a monster riff that carries the song. I love the chorus because it doesn't deviate too much from the verses with the backbeat still going on. The riff at 4:27 is so cool, then that melody maybe repeats for a little too long but the solo that proceeds it is fucking spectacular. I also really like the intro and think it fits perfectly with this song. 10


I really REALLY love this track and all it has inside, probably my favorite "middle-ground" 7ish minute song from the 00's releases


Ancient Mariner
This bastard is dense as a black hole and masterfully penned and played. Also a really dark tune and my third favorite from the album. 9.5/10 so It's a round up to a 10/10.