The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg

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This intro with that haunting lead guitar by Dave is a very moving one. This goes so deep that when I hear it, I get a vision of the future in which I play this song, after the death of (one of) my parents, or another loved one, and then I would feel a big sadness, and see images of the past, memories... of them and me. Mad, I know, but sometimes music can evoke feelings which are deep inside, and bring it a bit more forward. I guess I am scared of and feel sad about the idea of missing them. And this song evokes (reincarnates!) this idea, from time to time.

The Mid-Distance Runner said:
I love the pink floyd "sorrow" sounding opening

I swear you, I typed my post, before I read yours, and sorrow is indeed what this intro evokes. The impact is so heavy that it builds up my sorrow before I need it.

The marching rhythm is very stimulating and the mix is 100% perfect. In that instrumental part, I hear every guitar and the bass and the drums very good. I don't think I've heard a better example of such excellent balance, where all the amigoes play rhythm guitars. As said before, the solo is very good as well.

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Again, the first song of AMOLAD and its still one of my favs off the album. I get the dark vibe of the tortured soul and love Bruce's vocals on this one especially the 'Someone to save me...' bit :edmetal:
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Really good song (and a great single cover, one of the best of the past 15 years).  The story created for the song is interesting and they executed it very well, great music, fabulous vocals, and it rocks live.  I give it a 10.
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7/10 for me.  Like lots of other folks, this was the first song I heard from AMOLAD.  And while it's special in that sense, as a song in general it's not one of my favorites.  I like the intro just fine, especially live.  But it's always seemed a bit tacked on.  I kinda wish this song was a notch or two faster as well.  Overall, to me, this feels like the least special and adventurous song on the album and is my least favorite.

That being said, AMOLAD is one helluva an album when this song is the weakest as it's still a good song. 
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NightProwler666 said:
By-the book reunion era epic song.

Yeah, maybe it's a bit too by-the-book. The song is great, I love the intro, the riff, the lyrics and all, but... well, it doesn't always have to be groundbreaking. There's nothing at all wrong with this song, it just doesn't stick out all that much. 8/10.
9. Love the intro and the chords changing, giving a sad and mysterious vibe to the great storyline Steve created. When all things burst, it reminds me of Scorpions kind of riff, pulsating and uptempo; Bruce sings majestically and the main melody on the instrumental part is one of my faves, once again reminds me of Seventh Son vibe, funny is that the harmony on this melody part is the same chord sequence as in Hooks In You, when Bruce sings "Hooks in you... I've got those hooks in you...", Dave's solo is masterful, amazing stuff. A classic Maiden tune.
Let's give this another 9, shall we? All this "who is Benjamin Breeg" stuff that was done around the time of the single release is worth half a point in itself, but let's say that half point is due to the (once again) cryptic lyrics that put images in my head - but not concrete images, not like Alexander the Great or Rime of the Ancient Mariner. It leaves me more puzzled. Musically the song is quite straight-forward, with great vocals and another fine solo.
For me another 10/10 song, good lyrics and vocals, nice build up in the intro, when it gets going it is a massive wall of metal that just flattens anything in it's path, this song is always best listened to at full volume.
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Zare said:
When Brave New World came out, i was so thrilled because of Bruce and Adrian, i was inspired by the drumming and the overall production, and i overrated that album. Still, i think it's a very very good one (beats all '90s stuff), but back in the day, it was a true masterpiece for me.

When Dance Of Death came out, it just didn't fit at all. To tell you the truth, at that moment i started active listening of Dream Theater, Symphony X, and some other non-metal material. Maiden was and always will be my favourite band, but it wasn't on top of the playlist any more.

Then, the three songs from AMOLAD "leaked". Ben Breeg was the first one i got, and i was - quite dissapointed. I thought it was boring, repetive, mediocre at best. I remember that one of my friends asked me (she isn't a Maiden "fan", altrough she likes and respects them), "have you bought the new album". My reply was something in the lines of - i'll buy it simply to have them all in collection, but i won't rush's simply non par with the earlier material, but it's good that the guys are still playing!

The whole period had a big relation to my "musician" part of life. Basically, when i started active exploration of other bands and other genres of music, i did that because i wanted to improve my guitar playing influences. I have quitted band-playing some time ago, from that moment in time, i got my self some computer based gear so i can do stuff alone at home.

Somehow, something didn't feel right back then.

Basically, i was capable of employing different techniques, to play really fast, and so on...but at that moment, i realised that the style and the sound is the main thing. So i went on with practices in that direction, not technique any more, to develop the "feeling", and express myself with playing.

Then, most of the non-Maiden stuff i discovered in those years, became rather boring. Soulless. I began listening to Maiden all day long again, just as i had 16 again. But this time, it wasn't just about energy, it was about the sound, the lyrics, the arrangement, about various guitar parts working as a functional piece of music.

Now, i totally forgot about AMOLAD. I saw on the net the positive critics, the good words that people are spreading about the album, and that forced me to listen to it properly.

Back to Ben Breeg...pure coincidence, but i copied the directory with songs on my cellphone, went out and started playing the album. I forgot that shuffle was on, and Ben Breeg was playing first.

This time, it felt phenomenal! The headbanging riff, the solo, the emotional lyrics, the drumming. Everything. Basically, it took more time for AMOLAD to grew on me, but i was prepared to let it grow. Now, i think that Ben Breeg is one hell of a song, and that AMOLAD is the best record outside of the classic 1983-1988 years.

Just recently, i gave a proper shot to Dance Of Death too. And, not a suprise, it rocks also  :D

What triggered me to write this semi-long text, is someone's reply about the intro melody of Ben Breeg, like an old friend approaching. I get shivers and melancholy every damn time i hear that melody!

In my case, that was the song that dissapointed me and focused my music interests away from Maiden. After a rather short journey, this person discovered that there is only one Maiden, only one band. There are a lot of other bands and artists of all sorts of music that i admire, but Maiden is indeed one and only. After realising that, i saw the true beauty of this song.

Every time i hear that melody, i feel something deep down, and a thought..."this is Iron Maiden"

Another very good track of this record. Still, to reach 9 in my book, song needs to have a special hook, something different. Thus, 8. And yeah, i still have that feeling when i hear the intro, but my enthusiasm for the other parts of the song has somewhat faded just a bit.

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I think it's a good song. Nothing amazing or overly memorable but good.

I think it would be a lot better without the intro. Just a drumbeat then straight into the riff would be much more effective, I think.

I really like the vibe of this song. It's like the older brother of Stranger in a Strange Land. A rare mid tempo song with a fantastic groove. The intro is amazing. I love every riff, evey second of the bridge and solo. Bruce's vocals are alright, and never detract from the song, but don't stand out either.
Yet again......all parts are good.Yet again some parts just do get repeated for no reason e.g.the guitar melody/harmony before the solo.As istbe case with the intro...I just feel it goes on for a "tick" too many
I didn't understood the fuzz about the song before, but the song has grown on me lately.

The riff is bone-crushing, the atmosphere is dark and the lyrics are thrilling. The song have a great flow, and seamlessly goes between verse and chorus.
Bruces does a great performance, and the melody and lyrics goes together very well. The solo really stands out as well, very good one.

The song is really a sum of it's parts, and carefully creates a feeling and a picture in your head. (maybe sounds kind of strange, but I honestly don't know how to describe it)

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One of the great Dave Murray tracks. Very haunting and mysterious melody to start off one of the eeriest Maiden songs. The main riff on this is one of my favorites. I love the call and response melody that kicks off the instrumental, again something different for Maiden. The dramatic riff that follows perfectly leads into the solo and also works really well as the last word before going back to the soft outro. This is also Dave's best solo on the album and one of his shining moments of the reunion era. Bruce's performance on this song is also worth mentioning, he really belts it out on this one.

One of the awesome singles that the band released. Man, people went apeshit over this! Still a great track, and I'd love to see it do a live comeback. 8/10.