The Official Book of Souls Tour 2017 Thread (Warning: Spoilers Within)


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Shame to hear Bruce's performance has tailed off again. It raises concerns again about the strain on his voice. He was belting it out mid-tour.


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That might be the only good live album decision.

Bruce may have sounded better on a BNW tour live album had they recorded elsewhere and we may have had Out of the Silent Planet on there! I understand why they chose Rio though... no 250,000 person audience at any other shows lol...

RIR was the best live album IMO and a phenomenal set list and live versions


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The show itself is quite special. Journeyman as an encore, the performances of DOD and Paschendale, a Blaze tune. The editing ruins it completely.
The mix bothers me more since it basically wrecks it as a live album too. It kinda sounds like a high quality soundboard recording. Almost like they didn't have time to do it properly so they just did a really quick mix. What's even stranger is all the other reunion era live albums honestly sound fine (relatively speaking, Flight 666 varies a fair amount track by track and has its own issues but it's not terrible by any means), DotR is the only standout in that regard.


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^ there are parts of RIR where they clearly dubbed Bruce's voice over parts that were not truly live... the concert shot by the locals which is on youtube proves this


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Was just going to post that .. really cool shirt. I usually do not buy shirts if I did not go to a show (a few exceptions) .. this is going to be an exception, that shirt is cool as hell

Edit: Assuming they put it on the website


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Wanted my son to have his 1st concert shirt but difficult to find for 11 year old. Just bought 1 from Maiden website. TBOS CD cover is on the front. Wanted the TX event shirt but all they have left is XL adult size. With shipping to US, was about $38 US. Still cheaper I think than buying at the show