The Nut Thread (+Legumes)

John Silver

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Every spam subforum should have one, I feel. And who doesn't like nuts apart from @Magnus magnuts.

So the be all, end all question is:
State your favourite nut.

My pick is these thrree delicious nuts
Chili nuts
Brazil nuts

I think peanuts are in for the win.
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John Silver

Electric Buddy
Peanuts aren’t nuts though, buddy. Legumes or some shit.

Cashews are great. I’ll take them for 500.
The Timid Response:
Legumes, buddy? Now I’ve gone and edited the thread title, so thank you very much.

Are dates legumes as well? Love me some dates. Dates not dating advice - am in a few healthy relationships.

The Angry Response:
Way to derail my nut thread dipshit - what’s next, fucker. Wanna mention Empire of the clouds as well!? Nut cool buddy.

John Silver

Electric Buddy
Pistachio. Hands down.

This thing right here happens to be my favorite dessert. A type of baklava packed full of pistachios. Good thing it's expensive as fuck, otherwise it's highway to diabetes.
Pistachio on their own though, buddy, not a bad choice.

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My bad, no wish to offend and all. I’m afraid I’ve never had chestnuts (don’t seem to be popular in These Our United American States) but walnuts are rather nice, not just for Christmas, but also for Mosesmas and Davidmas too.