The Number of the Beast

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Ancient Mariner
9. A stone cold classic and I love it but not enough for me to give it a 10.


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7. This seems to be an unpopular opinion, but I'm really not a big fan of this song. I think it's pretty overrated. On this album I prefer Hallowed, Acacia, Children, The Prisoner and, yes, Invaders...


Educated Fool
A true Maiden classic. Love those first lines of vocals, and that greaaat scream by Bruce. The solos are also top notch. No wonder why this somg sky-rockeded Maiden into the heavy metal elite. 10/10


clap hands

I initially did not like The Number of the Beast very much. Over many, many years and a few concerts, however, I have come to love it for the classics that it is. It opens in a very similar nature to the two preceding tracks (a spoken intro and a palm-muted chord riff to kick off the singing), but quickly distinguishes itself as each instrument joins the fray in a synchronized chug. Bruce’s scream is a thing of excellence - a perfect moment on record. In my opinion, the music in the entire song is a little too upbeat and happy for the subject matter, but who cares as long as it’s fun? The solo break is outstanding, as is the guitar and bass unison between and after each lead.


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Is it blasphemy to say this is my favorite song on the album? There's a reason why this is cemented as one of the greatest Metal tracks and it's not just the Devil Worship. The way this builds up is so epic, culminating in that legendary scream. The lyrics in this are some of Steve's best, he does a great job describing the vivid imagery. I feel like I'm there when I'm listening to it. Bruce's delivery is intense, if it wasn't for Children of the Damned this would be the highlight of the album from a vocal standpoint.

The instrumental section on this is the best showcase of instrumental Maiden on this album. Dave's solo, Adrian's solo, the bass interlude, all perfection. It's a good example of the solos being more than just a showcase of technical ability, but musical contributions to the scene being described in the lyrics. It's why someone who isn't very good at actively following the lyrics, like me, can still follow a Maiden song's story.



Another great song on a great album. The spoken intro launching into those brilliant opening riffs and the timing and clarity of the vocal might be one of my favourite starts to any Maiden song.

From there on it pounds along and the chorus is brilliant as are the solos.


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Too bad there's no full cover, they used NOTB's intro as intro to Fucking Hostile.



Ancient Mariner
A classic. Nice mood. One of the most well known IM tracks is a great song, but not as great as COTD, 22AA or The Prisoner. But it still has great atmosphere and is a great song.


Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
Was at one point in my Top 5 for Maiden. Has since slipped down, but still remains in my Top 15. There's just so many great Maiden songs. The energy to this one is amazing, and if you can do that scream half as well as Bruce can, I'm calling BS. Is there any doubt that it's a classic? 10 out of fucking 10.
A classic for a reason! Love the different time signature and Bruce delivery is just awesome here. Suffers a bit from being heard way to many times, but still... a fantastic song that just doesn't really get a 10/10. But darn close.


This song is undeniably a classic, and it’s dedinitely not a coincidence. I can understand how people that have been at tens of Maiden concerts may not be as interested in it anymore, but it’s definitely a song that works incredibly well live, starting from the intro, great to open the encore and get the public pumped up again. In 5 minutes this song manages to feature a spoken intro, a very interesting musical intro, an incredible scream, verses with great lyrics, a catchy part for the audience to sing, great solos and a cool outro. What else? 10/10

Number 6

Ancient Mariner
"Only" gets a 7 from me. It's a very good song, but Maiden have done better. Genius guitar work, though, and a classic nonetheless.
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It suffers from burnout, it's one of those songs i never need to hear again. But i can't deny that it is a great song even though it's overplayed now 8/10


Mr. Blue Sky
Oh, right, here we go, this is one of those overplayed live classics some fans like to always complain about being in the setlists. Boohoo, I say. There is a reason why it's called a overplayed classic. Because this one is truly classic. In just short of five minutes, this one manages to fit in everything you could ever want in a Maiden song. There's a opening buildup section, rockin' verses, an earwormy chorus and an instrumental section with two guitar solos and a bass solo even. It's remarkably constructed and the structure is perfect.

Yes, tired as some of you might be at its constant inclusion in the setlists, it fully deserves all its fame. It has earned its right to be regarded amongst the absolute classics in metal history.

Oh, and the scream is legendary.

10/10, without a doubt.

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
"Woe to you, oh earth and say..."

One of the most evil-sounding intros to any metal song ever instantly gets better when the riff kicks in. Bruce plays the part perfectly. You know shit's about to get real.

And it fucking does.

That scream is shockingly good for this kind of song.

And it only keeps getting better.

As MaidenFans who have heard this song again and again and again, it's easy to forget sometimes just what a masterpiece of metal this beast truly is. 10/10.


The dotage of a dotard
A biblical quote from not-quite-Vincent-Price gives way to an iconic melodic riff and a superb, chilling vocal from Bruce, building to an insane scream!

This breaks into a catchy, uptempo verse and a great but brief chorus. Another round of verse and chorus leads into a cool melodic interlude and a strong solo, a brief musical breakdown, and then a fantastic solo on top of an awesome bass line! The guitar solo ends and the bass kicks it up an octave to finish the fucking solo! Jesus Christ, that's what I'm talking about! 3:11 to 3:38 is probably my favorite stretch of Maiden music ever.

Another round of verse and chorus, then a return to the verse, and a reprise of the music under the scream takes us to the end.

I wouldn't say that every element of this song is perfect, but the minor weaker elements aren't enough to dethrone the complete awesomeness on display throughout the rest of this track. This song is what Iron Maiden is all about. 10/10.

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
Side 2 of the album opens with a chilling vocal performance by a non-Vincent Price, before the guitar and Bruce come in. The build-up leads to one of the singer's greatest screams before we rush into a great verse, chorus, verse, chorus, instrumental section. This song is awesome, and the one that truly showed that this lineup was somethin' else. Not quite as good as some of the other releases from this band, but still strong overall, even if it's gotten a little stale live. 9