The Longest Day

How good is The Longest Day on a scale of 1-10?

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Again almost perfect, if not for very conventional structure, outro and so on...9


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9 - The beginning of this song might be my favourite Maiden opening ever. The way the drama slowly builds and the music accentuates the vivid pictures Bruce is painting (those tom hits as the cliffs erupt in flames!) and the release when “sliding we go”. Tears. Chills.

Maiden is at its best when it is at its most cinematic and this is cinematic Maiden. So good.

The rest of the song doesn’t quite live up to the first two minutes. The chorus is fine, but it isnt as good as the pre-chorus. The instrumental section is fantastic, but doesn’t advance or close off the story in the manner of the best Maiden tracks.

But it is still a damn fine track.



Greenwich in the Sky

The stock appraisal of this song goes as follows; amazing up until that first chorus and then the song loses its bite in one fell swoop. And well, there was a reason that became the common stance to take. That instrumental section is definitely a knockout, though. Some of Maiden's most cinematic work right there. I should clarify that the chorus by itself isn't that bad but the way it forces the song to loop back to build-up wastes the excellent momentum.

What a shame too.


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This may possibly be the best instrumental section on the entire album. Possibly. Amazing riffs, great dynamics, every solo is a winner, lots of drama. Somehow the band didn’t quite get there with the rest of the song. The first verse up until the chorus, as literally everyone else mentioned, is top notch. From there the song loses a bit of steam mostly because the structure is so conventional. The chorus doesn’t pay off quite as well each time, even though it is a good chorus. It’s a similar situation to Alexander the Great: musically masterful but doesn’t stick the landing in the vocal department. That said, I enjoy this song’s lyrics and vocal melodies much more than Alexander. The lyrics themselves are actually great. Really nice cinematic depictions of D Day and Bruce gives it his all. This would be a strong 7 without the great instrumental section, which brings it up to an 8.


Stranger to the Light
Repetition legitimizes? Nah, that chorus is fine but it's just too much. I love the instrumental section and the iconic intro. I like the dramatic verses. Very good overall. 8