Do Di'anno / Killers versions count as covers?
I'm not sure I understand you reaction, @MindRuler . Technically, these
, etc,
are covers, being performed by bands that are not Iron Maiden.
If allowed, they'd obviously influence the whole thing in one way or another, hence my question.
Wise decision by The High Council & @Diesel 11 if you ask me.
A notice from the CoverMaster:

Submissions have been slow thus far, and understandably so. Most people have sent in one to three songs because they simply don’t listen to more Maiden covers. That’s perfectly fine, I haven’t even drawn up a list yet myself because it’s hard to remember which ones I’ve heard are good and which aren’t. But only two people have submitted a full list of eight songs, which has given me just over twenty for the game at this point in time.

For those reasons, I’ll be doing the following:

1. I’m going to keep submissions open for as long a time as you need. Since it’ll take a while for other games to wrap up, I don’t have a big time crunch yet, so I can afford to keep this open for longer than the Epics and Album Cup games were in their submission stages.

2. I’m going to pull a LooseCannon and include songs from lists I find on the web. I’ll be transparent about the ones I used when the game gets going.

3. I’m just gonna go ahead and include @The_7th_one ’s list even though he didn’t submit it through convos.

So yeah, time is on your side here. Something those of you who are still trying to make the list could would be to alert me that you will in fact be submitting songs to me, through already opening up a Conversation with me. It’s optional but would go a long way towards helping me out.

But yeah, we’re not even a week in so hopefully there’ll be an upswing as time goes on. If not, all good, I got this.