1. Diesel 11

    THE IRON MAIDEN COVERENDUM: Nominations Closed!

    The Iron Maiden Coverendum Submissions Wanted! As some of the other forum games start to wind down, I will be hosting The Iron Maiden Coverendum to see which is the greatest cover of an Iron Maiden song. However, I can't put this together myself. Hence, I'm asking MaidenFans to submit any cover...
  2. GroundZero

    Guess The Iron Maiden Song!

    Simple: someone will be posting a clue about an Iron Maiden song and others will try to guess it! Let's get started with the game's rules: ***NO SPOILERS ABOUT THE LOTB TOUR - NO CLUES LIKE "THIS SONG WAS PLAYED ON THE ONGOING TOUR"*** RULES: The song you're giving clues about must be...