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Dityn DJ James

A coma stole my name.
Scored tickets for Alice Cooper this Sunday. Parking was more than ticket! Oh well, I hope it's worth it. I don't really want to stick around for too long after the show ends.

Dityn DJ James

A coma stole my name.
So I saw Alice Cooper accompanied by Motionless in White and Halestorm this past Sunday.

I have to preface this by saying that the venue was super easy to get in and out of (this is the Bank of NH Pavilion). If my memory serves, the show ended at around 11:10 I think and we were on the road by just after 11:30? (I can't quite remember). Lots of vendors and what not in the venue too. Pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the venue. I'm planning on going back there in September for ZZ Top (and lawn tickets are, as they were for Alice Cooper, only 30 bucks). We got to the venue around 6:40 (show starting at 7). We had no plans to see all of Motionless in White's set. We walked around the vendors and checked out all the stuff outside of the pavilion before finding a spot on the lawn. By the time we found a spot, Motionless in White only had 4 songs left. Per my insistence, we got a spot that was absolutely closest to the stage (atleast as close as we could get).

Motionless in White was a lot better than I expected. I certainly don't like that kind of music, but I appreciated that it was more rooted in rock music as opposed to pretending to be rooted in metal music. It was melodic and there were plenty of keyboards and thankfully not that many breakdowns. My girlfriend commented that the singer sounded like he was classically trained. I'll take her word for it, he was good. They finished up right before 8 I think. Halestorm set up in no time. There set was amazing. I really got moving when they came on. I liked that they didn't disguise their pop elements too much by adding all this needless metallic-ness to their sound. Their energy was good and they kept the crowd moving. I wish Lizzy Hale would've used her lower register more. I feel like she used that shriek-y high register a tad too much. Regardless she could sing. Their set finished up right after 9.

Cooper had a hell of an entrance. He opened with Feed My Frankenstein/No More Mr. Nice Guy/Bed of Nails. That really got me moving. It was crazy the energy he and his band put off this time around (I saw them last on the Maiden England tour in 2012). Bed of Nails was one of a few songs that night (along with No More Mr. Nice Guy, Muscle of Love, and Steven) that I don't love in studio, but absolutely kill live. Good God did those 4 sound amazing live. The first half of Cooper's set was awesome. It was mind-blowingly good. I'm Eighteen and Poison were such treats live too. Especially Poison! I was moving so much during that one. It's a glam classic after all. Cooper wasn't that winded during that first half. He moved around a lot and sounded great (there was a degree of crowd interaction too).

Second half was really so-so. The Black Widow jam was meh and felt like it was only put in there to give Cooper a rest. The second half of the set had a few other songs that just fell flat live (Dead Babies and Teenage Frankenstein weren't good at all). Encore was a little weak with Under My Wheels and School's Out. Typical fair for a Cooper encore I reckon.

Good show, enjoyed myself. Truly loved seeing Feed My Frankenstein, Bed of Nails, I'm Eighteen, and Poison. I'd see him again if he came around next year. I didn't feel like he phoned in anything and it surely doesn't feel like he's too old yet.

Setlist for those curious.

There's bound to be typos in there btw (kinda busy at the moment). Oh also Escape sucks and should've been dropped for Desperado (as I think was the case with their recent New York show).

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  8. Queen + Adam Lambert
  9. Slash Feat Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators
  10. Blue Oyster Cult w/ Quiet Riot; David Wilcox and The Romantics
  11. Weird Al Yankovic
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  18. Sabaton w/ Hammerfall
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2020 Concerts
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Likely going to add:
  • Aerosmith - Will be traveling to see
  • UFO - Will be traveling to see
Bold is new, italicized means I have yet to actually purchase the tickets.
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  6. Joan Jett and Heart - Abbotsford
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  32. Judas Priest w/ Uriah Heep
  33. Queen + Adam Lambert
  34. Slash ft Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators