The Clairvoyant

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portermoresby said:
8/10. This song has my favorite Maiden ending. Freaking epic.

Agree 100% - as I mentioned in the "best maiden ending" thread, I think this is the second-best ending in the history of rock music (the Beatles' Day in the Life is #1 IMHO). Love this song and think the ending is the perfect summation of the song. Also agree with the poster who said this should have ended the album. Much better in terms of theme and music.


Ancient Mariner
Whoops, A little to fast on my overly touchy iPad. I accidentilly voted one. Meant to give this a 7.


Here I sit in a serenade of glory!
That was a time when Steve's songs were just perfect.No repetition, o redundant parts.Those were the days.The song is really good.The only thing that I always felt weird is the intro bass riff that is TNOTB riff played backwards
A great song, but the chorus is a bit awkward like others have stated. I can't agree that this song is as good as many make it out to be. 9/10


Ancient Mariner
A great song, but the chorus is a bit awkward like others have stated. I can't agree that this song is as good as many make it out to be. 9/10
Not as good as many others make it out to be but you're saying "great" and give an as high or even higher grade than most others.


Fantastic performance by Bruce here. Really inspired lyrics here, as well as the rest of the album. The verse-chorus differences doesn't bother me at all, I think it's cool. And the tonality change in the last chorus is so damn good!
Sadly I have to erase a point because of the intro and outro, as I think it's to happy, but overall a great song!



9/10. I love the intro/outro of this one! Perhaps Maiden's best IMHO, I obviously am a sucker for bass intro/outro's as I love the one on The Red And The Black as well! Love the upbeat atmosphere of this song! But I must agree with some that the chorus is a little odd, but that's fine! Definitely gets a 9/10 for me, and my 3rd favorite on the album after the monster title track and Infinite Dreams (my 2 10's for the album). The Maiden England '88 version is awesome, and Bruce's outro is EPIC!!!


Ancient Mariner
8. Mostly because of the absolutely killer chorus.


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