The Clairvoyant

How good is The Clairvoyant on a scale of 1-10?

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Travis The Dragon

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Re: Daily Song: The Clairvoyant

9/10 for another superb Maiden song!
LooseCannon said:
I never have cared for this song. It's technically pretty good, but I never liked it. Meh. Who cares. Everyone else likes it, but I give it a 7/10.
A 7's pretty good considering you never liked it.


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Re: Daily Song: The Clairvoyant

The intro is one of the band’s best ever and the mix of rhythms and guitar melodies is vintage Maiden. But somehow it loses momentum and fails to keep my attention for the full four-and-an-half minutes. Maybe it’s because Maiden songs are usually so structured and this one has more of a free-form feel. I do like it a lot, but don’t feel it’s as good as it could have been. Eight


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Re: Daily Song: The Clairvoyant

9/10 I think it's a fantastic song both on disc and live.

Cool bass intro, good lyrics, magical chorus.  Great, great song.


Re: Daily Song: The Clairvoyant

I don't listen to the Seventh Son album that much, I find most of it dull, however i do like the clairvoyant so i gave it a 7.


Re: Daily Song: The Clairvoyant

Another gem. Love the bass intro and find the whole sound of the song quite mesmerizing. Great lyrics and strong chorus. Very close to a 10 but I do prefer The Prophecy to this so I give it a 9 on that basis.

Dr. Eddies Wingman

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Cool bass intro (NOTB-/Rime-inspired) and very catchy, but a little too simple to reach for the 9s and 10s. So it is an 8.


Ancient Mariner
I played this the other day and this is such a beautiful track. There's a certain unique atmosphere and it's almost impossible to be unmoved by it.

The bass playing is very grabbing, especially in the parts in the guitar harmonies. That harmony itself is -just as with some other SSOASS-tracks- the crème de la crème of guitar harmonies in the history of hard rock and metal.

The chorus is very powerful, with it's jumpy rhythm, and the lyrics are uncomfortable which makes them exciting:

...I feel a strength an inner fire
but I'm scared I won't be able to control it anymore...
 *launching into harmony with superb bass pattern*


Black_Thunder said:
I can't give it higher than 8/10, because that would mean that it matches up there with POTO & HBTN, which it doesn't.

I see this differently.
Indeed, not everything can be as great as Rime, but that doesn't mean that I can't give other songs a 10 as well.
A 9,5 is a 10, a 9,6 is a 10, a 9,7 is a 10, a 9,8 is a 10 and a 9,9 is a 10.


I'm not sure whether to give it a 9 or 10. It's mystical feeling is again perfect for the album. Bruce is excellent. I love the part Foro mentioned and also "Just by looking through his eyes..... couldn't *pause of awesome proportions* foresee his own demise" *cue awesome melody.

The chorus was the first thing that go me hooked to the song because it's really catchy but the melodies, lyrics and atmosphere made me love it more. The underrated song off of SSoaSS and maybe it just deserves a 10 ;)

Unknown One

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One of my favourite bass lines ever, but I don't find the rest of the track to be as great. I only view this song has my 2nd least favourite off the album (only ahead of CiPWM). The harmonies in the pre chorus riff (the one that Forostar mentioned) are awesome, but I find the chorus itself to be too happy sounding for the subject. 7/10.


The Angel Of The Odd
The very nice intro would be repeated two years later, in NPofD's opener. This song contains some perfect elements: excellent chorus, excellent pre-chorus bridges, but those elements are like they were written separately. And this is too damn obvious in my ears. Thus the 9/10


Dominus et deus
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Talk about a song that just won't go out of your head. It continued to grow on me, and now I just can't get around calling this one of Maiden's best. Everything is right: Bass, vocals, guitars - both solo and harmony - and I also love the lyrics. It manages to create a mystical atmosphere even in its faster passages, something only outdone by The Evil That Men Do. 10/10.

The Flash

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This song has an amazing atmosphere. I love it so much. Great melodies, great vocals, everything is great. 10/10.


Re: Daily Song: The Clairvoyant

Fugazi said:
I don't listen to the Seventh Son album that much, I find most of it dull, however i do like the clairvoyant so i gave it a 7.

I listened to the Seventh Son album from start to finish a few days ago for the first time in years, and I have to say it is far from dull, I was deeply impressed by the excellent quality of song writing and the performances thereof. It is funny how one can hold on to an outgrown notion of something, when in reality all that was needed was to give it a chance to shine and listen to it with a new perspective. I loved this album years ago and then went off it... so I have come round full circle with a deeper, richer understanding and appreciation for this glorious gem.


Automaton Sovietico
Like no5, i can't escape the feeling that chorus was written separately to the rest of the song. Never the less, lyrics are excellent, i like the major-minor transitions throughout the song, and i love the pre-chorus harmonies which are among the best they ever did.



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A pretty good song. I never liked it too much but I don't hate it either. It has some really fine moments, though. It should've closed the album. 9/10


Ancient Mariner
While The Prophecy sounds like a average filler, The Clairvoyant is an awesome song. My favorite part would be the bass in the beginning. Not awesome enough for a ten, but I'll give it a 9.