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The Book of Souls: individual album judgement by yours truly

Discussion in 'The Book of Souls' started by Forostar, Aug 28, 2016.

  1. Zare

    Zare Dream of broken citadels

    The album currently scores 3.90 and 4.03 (out of 5.0) on sputnikmusic and progarchives, respectively.
    Those are good sites and great scores.
  2. frus

    frus Barbed Wire Hen

    If Eternity Should Fail 9
    Speed Of Light 6
    The Great Unknown 7
    The Red And The Black 9
    When The River Runs Deep 8
    The Book Of Souls (song not album) 10
    Death Or Glory 6
    Shadows Of The Valley 6
    Tears Of A Clown 8
    The Man Of Sorrows 7
    Empire Of The Clouds 9

    Book Of Souls 7,73
  3. BeThyJames

    BeThyJames Trooper

    Empire of the Clouds 10
    The Book of Souls 9
    Eternity 8
    Red and the Black- 8
    Speed of Light 7
    Man of Sorrows 7
    Tears of a Clown 7
    Great Unknown 6
    River Runs Deep 6
    Death or Glory 6
    Shadows of the Valley 6

    The Book of Souls 7.3
  4. Eddieson

    Eddieson Nomad

    The Book Of Souls (#4)

    If Eternity Should Fail: 10
    Speed Of Light: 8
    The Great Unknown: 7
    The Red And The Black: 8
    When The River Runs Deep: 6
    The Book Of Souls: 9
    Death Or Glory: 7
    Shadows Of the Valley: 6
    Tears Of A Clown: 7
    The Man Of Sorrows: 7
    Empire Of The Clouds: 10

    Album Average: 7,73
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2017
  5. If Eternity Should Fail 8
    Speed Of Light 4
    The Great Unknown 7
    The Red And The Black 6 too long...much too long so loses points
    When The River Runs Deep 4
    The Book Of Souls (song not album) 8 but poor production
    Death Or Glory 5
    Shadows Of The Valley 4
    Tears Of A Clown 5
    The Man Of Sorrows 4
    Empire Of The Clouds 6

    Book Of Souls 6.5

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