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The Beckett Connection

Discussion in 'Maiden Chat' started by fisherenterprises, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. First, let me apologise for starting a new topic on a subject that appears all over this forum, but I wanted to draw everyone's attention to this subject and interest appears to be, as I said before, widespread.  I was the drummer in Beckett back in 73/4 when Steve and Adrian were coming to watch the band on a regular basis. They liked the band a lot and cited us as a major influence. Nicko played with a band called Streetwalkers, and its singer, Roger Chapman from Family, introduced him to the Beckett album, which he had produced for us. Nicko liked my drumming on Rainbow's Gold, and suggested to Maiden that they cover it. Nicko and Adrian were also involved with Kenny Mountain and Terry Slesser (both from Beckett) in an outfit called The Entire Population of Hackney; although Steve and Bruce invariably ended up on stage with them at their gigs. I have lived in Los Angeles for a long time and was unaware of any Maiden/Beckett connections until I posted the Old Grey Whistle Test video on Youtube, then I began to discover the unaccredited and unrewarded use of our song Life's Shadow in The Nomad and Hallowed be Thy Name. So to put the record straight: we were not informed of their use of our material, nor were we paid any fees.  I love what they have done with all our material; I love Nicko's drumming on Rainbow's Gold, and I consider it a compliment that they should use our material and bring it to the attention of the world and out from obscurity where it had resided for a long time. However... the matter is now under discussion amongst the principle members of Beckett; in particular Bob Barton who wrote Life's Shadow. Further developments at our end will be posted here for your edification. Ciao, Keith.
  2. Habberdasher

    Habberdasher Trooper

    So it took you 28 years to figure out Maiden supposedly ripped you guys off? Seriously, Hallowed Be Thy Name came out in '82 and The Nomad was released 10 years ago. Why don't you crawl back under the rock you've been living under?
  3. DonnieDarko

    DonnieDarko Prowler

    I think I just got an email from this guy the other day:

    From the desk of Mr. fisherenterprises:

    Your assistance is needed. I am in a band that was somehow plagiarized by the Iron Maidens rock and role band. They have manys amount of unclaimed money and gold which I cannot access directly. With your help I can release this money (10.7mil US) from the account it is frozen in.

    I need help from someone currently resides in US to clear the funds from Nigerian Super Bank (a subsidiary of AIG). All I need from you to do this is your name, social security number, home phone, a cheque for $10,000, be added to your will as executor, a 47” LCD TV, your first born son, and one of those Zhu Zhu pets.

    Please contact me as soon as possible so we can set up everything.
    Kind regards,
    Mr. fisherenterprises.

    I'm not getting my $10,000 back, am I?
  4. Ranko

    Ranko I'll shoot the gunner first!

    Hold on, why drive the man away...

    It still is an author's work, a court should settle the dispute. Besides, it would be interesting to have a look into the things here on the forum.

    DonnieDarko -> Funny! :D
  5. Perun

    Perun Climbing like a monkey Staff Member

    I don't know there's something fishy about this (get it?)...
  6. Is it possible that the estimable league of heavy metal fans out there in the world can deal with questionable slurs on the integrity of their heroes without resorting to puerile contempt?  I suspected not, but I was willing to brave the slings and arrows, etc.  Unfortunately, you two are proving me right, so far.  Nonetheless, I will persevere; faint heart never won Iron Maiden.  I know you are all going to find this difficult to believe, but the entire population of the world, minus an infinitesimal percentage, have never even seen an Iron Maiden album, let alone listened to one.  So sorry to disappoint you chaps.  Despite it all, and as I said earlier, I find the band’s renditions quite sublime, and am grateful for their attentions and the publicity it has effected.
  7. Perun

    Perun Climbing like a monkey Staff Member

    Actually, many of us are even aware of that. There was even a thread about it here last week. The only problem most of us fans are having with this is that we keep hearing it and don't know how we are expected to react or what we are supposed to do. So yeah, Steve ripped off some of my favourite lyrics, and I know one of my favourite guitar solos was copied one-to-one from Life's Shadow... and now?

    Besides, I seem to recall reading a section about Iron Maiden on Beckett's website two or three years ago where most of these points were addressed, so this whole thing is still kind of fishy to me.
  8. Jonszat

    Jonszat Trooper

    Actually out of the people I talk to regularly (~20) I'm the only one to have listened to Maiden so I don't find that very surprising.

    As for the actual point here. I feel that you'll have more of a case on The Nomad than the Hallowed be thy Name lyrics. The lyrics thing is a non-entity to me. Words are words people can say whatever they like. The musical part that clashes with The Nomad is more dodgy though.

    And you've hardly made questionable slurs against the integrity of our heroes. The case is pretty much against only Harris (and maybe Murray) because he wrote both the songs. Steve Harris is not everyone on these forums hero (he's not even mine for starters), other threads already mention these songs and how there similar to Lifes Shadow.

    If Harris had never bothered with any of this Beckett would've remained a fairly obscure 70's rock band. Instead, if this goes to court, they actually might be a little more than that. You should actually be thanking Maiden ;)
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  9. Thank you gentlemen; my faith in the Metal audience (I was always convinced of their sincerity and their dedication) has been restored. Also, Jonszat raises a very valid point regarding the potential for benefit in the outcome of this issue; although it won't be me personally.  Fortunately, lyrics are an extremely valuable ingredient in a song, so I'm afraid I have to dispute your claim that they are a non-entity. However, given the articulation of many of our worshipful vocalists, there may be a case to answer.[hr][/hr]
    I agree that this is not a revelation to many, though not to all; but I wanted to address the several threads herein, and in various other locations, regarding this issue.  I don’t actually expect a reaction, inasmuch as it might have any significant consequences, I simply wanted to put the record straight, and this forum seemed to be the ideal platform.
  10. Mega

    Mega Ancient Mariner

    Just listened to Life's Shadow. Damn, this sucks hard. I can try and fool myself with the slight possibilty he just thought he wrote it when he actually rememberd it from many years ago, but that would be a long shot.
  11. What I find the most difficult aspect of this issue to accept is that Steve ever had any intention of doing anything even remotely questionable.  If Kenny (Beckett member) hadn’t assured me that Steve Harris is nothing short of a diamond geezer, I would have said as much anyway, purely from what I have seen of him on the Flight 666 film that I viewed last week; not to mention the irrefutable success that the man has achieved with never a word spoken against him in decades of dealing with a global enterprise.  I happily concede there are not many like him out there.
  12. Jeffmetal

    Jeffmetal Ancient Mariner

    Don't know why all the stress and lack of respect coming from some here. Beckett wrote those songs and lyrics and they deserve credits and some money from it, even if Steve did as a tribute (which he did). What I find it strange is that Maiden guys met Terry Slesser and Kenny Mountain back in 2003 and I think it's very likely that they talked about The Nomad being a tribute to Life's Shadow and Beckett's overall influence on Maiden since the beginning.

    Isn't it possible that they have some financial deal set with Maiden, already, and the guy that opened this thread just didn't get a piece of this cake, at all? (More less like Blaze don't get the credits for the songs he wrote and appeared on Brave New World, but on the other hand, he did get a good amount of money for not having his name on the album's official credits, I think).
  13. LooseCannon

    LooseCannon Yorktown-class aircraft carrier Staff Member

    There are many possibilities. As long as the thread remains respectful, it'll stay open. I don't personally have an opinion on this, so I'll just monitor from afar.

    You are all being watched.  :ninja:
  14. Habberdasher

    Habberdasher Trooper

    I just got an email from John (the apostle). Apparently 'Arry did not come up with the whole number of the beast thing too. Look, I'll admit my first post was a little harsh, but come on, this is not the right forum. Take it up with Rod and the band. A similar case can be made for the similarities between "King of Twilight" and "Childhood's End", and probably countless others. I'm sure I am with the majority of folks here who have indeed heard of Beckett and ONLY because of "Rainbow's Gold."

    Maiden just announced their new album (which "borrowed" its title from Star Trek), this is supposed to be a happy occasion. Let's not bicker and argue over who killed who.
  15. Hello Jeff, and thank you for your calm, sensible and very rational response.  Terry and Kenny have indeed associated with the band, and they tell me it was a most excellent occasion too.  Kenny told me just yesterday that he has never in all his years in the music business met such an exceptionally friendly bunch of players as The Irons.  Life’s Shadow was definitely not discussed however.  It could not have been; none of us knew anything about Hallowed and Nomad at that time; and please don’t take that as a slur against The Irons success.  Bob, however, who wrote the song, told me that he was not there anyway.  I (my name is Keith, by the way) must proclaim myself something of an outsider in all of this, having spent the majority of my life out of this country (England).[hr][/hr]
    Hello Mr. Habberdasher. You will note that in my response to JeffMetal I proclaim the virtue of ‘Arry’s delightful temperament; I only wish I could make such a proclamation about myself, but I’m afraid I can’t: I don’t have such an equable disposition by half!  However, I do enjoy a balanced outlook on the world.  That said, I will no longer take issue with your initial response, and rather, enjoy your latest contribution to the discussion, which is decidedly pertinent: this is a happy occasion, and I relish this opportunity of finally making clear what many supporters of the Irons have queried in the past.  I am astonished just how much interest has been generated since I posted the OGWT video of Beckett on Youtube; most of which has come from Iron Maiden fans.  I wish, in my life, I had benefitted from the unswerving dedication to the cause of Heavy Metal supporters.  Unfortunately, I never got the opportunity of playing with a Metal band.
  16. SinisterMinisterX

    SinisterMinisterX Illuminatus Staff Member

    Habberdasher, this is an official public warning. Knock it off. Show some courtesy.

    "A similar case can be made for the similarities between "King of Twilight" and "Childhood's End", and probably countless others."
    Go listen to the Beckett song, Habberdasher. You apparently have no idea what you're talking about. A large section of the song was directly reproduced note-for-note in The Nomad. A chunk of lyrics was directly reproduced word-for-word in Hallowed. This isn't "similarity" - they're identical. This isn't "influence" - it's theft.

    I love Maiden and their music. And I'm disappointed in their theft. I think they should at least be forced to give credit where due, much as Zeppelin was eventually forced to credit the many bluesmen they stole from.
  17. Jeffmetal

    Jeffmetal Ancient Mariner

    Hey Keith, I just want that all of you guys get the deal you deserve about this situation 'cos Life's Shadow and Rainbow's Gold are really mind blowing songs, just as the Beckett album is. Really great stuff!

    I watched the videos from The Old Grey Whistle Test a couple of weeks ago and I was impressed by the groove and interaction the band had. Maybe a reunion is pretty bound for a discussion, if the timing and the opportunity is right for this. Gonna dust off Beckett album and give it a spin tonight. Cheers, man. \m/
  18. Thank you, yet again, Jeff, for your input and praise; as I've said on one of the Youtube sites, it is most gratifying to experience such a renewal of interest in what is really ancient history.  I feel bound to say that I have found the responses I received to the issue of Life’s Shadow to be of greater import than I had anticipated: it is proving to be quite a contentious affair, is it not?  And really, all I truly wanted to do was set the record straight.  I had typed Beckett+“Iron Maiden” into Google and I was astonished at how many sites appeared.  Reading through them all (this forum included) I realised that a degree of mystery surrounded the issue.  Perhaps I should have allowed the esoteric to predominate, but I’m a bit of a pedant at times: invariably to my inevitable chagrin.

    Mr. SinisterMinisterX,  Hello to you too.  Your input pulls no punches, I must declare.  Isn’t it odd though, that such an affair should have ensued?  Kenny and Terry continue to receive royalty cheques for Rainbow’s Gold, in addition to a most substantial sum given to them when the single was first released.  What can have happened with Life’s Shadow, I do not know.
  19. DonnieDarko

    DonnieDarko Prowler

    Personally I don't think Habberdasher has been uncourteous in his responses in this thread.

    If anything, I'm the one who took it upon himself to insert a bit of humor based on my quick initial read of Keith's note.

    And I only wrote what I did based on the fact that the initial post in this thread sounded more like something you'd see in a spam email message to generate interest in something that otherwise wouldn't be generating any buzz. (Look at the way we're suddenly all discussing Beckett and such.)

    The whole thing though, I have to admit, still seems to me, as Habberdasher said, like something that should be taken up with the band, management, lawyers, etc., rather than in a forum like this. (Though I have to admit that subsequent posts by Keith didn't take quite the angle I'd expected - i.e. support me, down with IM, etc. - so I'll give him credit for that at least.)

    But as a newbie, and as someone who would like to stick around long enough to not be a newbie, I'll admit I played the humor angle in my post and didn't set out to get the facts, do a bit of research on what was being discussed, etc. My bad. I'll go check out the Beckett stuff a bit later.

    I'd still like to be funny on occasion if that's alright though...but recognizes that we're being watched.  :ninja:
  20. LooseCannon

    LooseCannon Yorktown-class aircraft carrier Staff Member

    *ninja attack!*  :ninja:

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