Studio Album #16 - Rumours and Speculation (New Info 27.02.15)

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Yeah and next year with the new album out should be a good time to be a full member again. Can't really say I've used my membership much over the last year but I think I want to stick around and grab Magazine 100 too...Just because it's a nice mag to have I think :)
My FC magazine just arrived, the cover has a christmas themed Eddie exiting a recording studio along with a ninja-like silhouette on the roof, the back cover has a sign saying "UROTON 51" on it. The magazine itself says that there's some "big news" coming next year that they can't talk about yet and the Christmas card that came with the mag says "Eddie's got a little Christmas gift for everyone who's been REALLY BAD! Must not be opened until 2015...". Looks like we will definitely be getting some sort of news about the new album soon enough!
Got mine. My internet connection is terrible tonight. Santa Eddie emerging from studio, two ninjas on the roof.
^^^ Where are you located? I should be getting mine soon here in the states hopefully. Wondering if they are packing it together with my tour shirts.... No dispatch notice saying so though
UK. It was sent by second class post, so probably caught in the Christmas rush. (Or somewhere in time).
It's a thicker mag than usual, with massive photos and large type. It says they basically can't tell us anything. :p There are supposedly some clues about what they have in store for us, but apart from references to recording something, I haven't noticed anything significant. Except maybe the ninjas and 'UROTON 51' on a signpost on the Christmas card. That could be just a red herring, though. And some reference to the WWI dogfight being nothing compared to what they've got planned. The pics to go with the feature on Nicko's gear look like they could have been taken in a recording studio.

Cried, Mr Kettle is asking after Mr Pot....
Yes, this is quite exciting for sure! New Maiden, Blind Guardian, and Queensryche to look forward to next year! And hopefully Sabaton will stick to an album every 2 year as well. Hell yes!
SirRobbins, hopefully you saw the real, good version with Todd.

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This will be the first new Maiden album for me since I've been listening to them.

So it's an incredibly exciting time! :)

Edit: That image screams 'recording a new album'!

Lamech is in the Book of Genesis. He created the first oud, shaping it to resemble the skull of his dead son. The first song Lamech wrote as an oudist, and therefore the first ever song played with an oud, was "The Song of the Sword". My guess is that one of the epic's on the new album will be based on the story of Lamech and the intro will be an oud solo played by Dave.
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