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Lyrics are the strongest part of this song, one of Maiden's best. I like that "will give me peace of mind" part the most. 8/10.


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10! Best song from PoM! I don't have a Maiden top ten, but maybe after listening all of their songs I'll make one, and this is definitely going to be part of it!


8/10, Great song, I like the intro with the backwards talking, slightly dark lyrics but good nonetheless.


Re: 'still Life'

Prowler_108 said:
Sorry to bump, but I need to say this.  I think Still Life is the definitive Iron Maiden song.  It was one of their first songs to use the soft intro that's now become standard for them, it has one of Brucie's best performances ever, and the lyrics are fantastic.  The guitar solos also sound like a precursor to the reunion era materiel.  This song is so sadly underrated.

I agree ENTIRELY and am glad that someone said it! I think this song conveys the human fascination with evil and the unknown better than any other song they've ever done (and eons better than NOTB), it's got a genuine spooky Victorian feel about it, and it was the first song from Maiden that really reached out and grabbed me. I would say this is THE most underrated Maiden song. And it's got such a great driving beat. The ending is killer too. While I love Maiden epics and probably have a top 50 list for Maiden, I think this actually could be their "perfect" song from beginning to ending.


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another 9.

This one always sounded better on the album than live to me, but still a great song.


ill bump my 8 vote to 9 comment... i actually love it, its different and good for it. the strange beginning only helps the general insanity of it all. great story



This one should definitely be more well-known than it is, and I'm surprised it hasn't appeared on a best of compilation (as far as I know). Gorgeous playing from Dave in the intro, and lots of riffs that twist and turn in unexpected ways.
Still Life gets the award as being one of the most underrated IM songs. I suppose this is the "unofficial" title track of the album, since we hear the line, "Nightmares.....Will give me peace of mind.", even with a different spelling of "piece".
I also like the reversible message at the beginning by Nicko in reference to the prior NOTB album and the satanic criticism they received.
This song started off with such epic potential. The opening guitar solo is nothing short of beautiful. Bruce's singing and lyrics are so creepy that I love it. It is reminiscent of the swedish metal band, Evergrey. That dark, distant and depressing tone to his voice.

It doesn't quite deliver on the early promises that the song led me to, but I still love it. 9/10 only because it didn't "deliver" as much as it could have IMO. This song gets my "pleasant surprise" award thus far in the discography.


Fantastic intro on this one, heavenly guitar lines by Dave Murray here , and a great performance (as usual) from Bruce. The harmonised line at 4.22 is super cool.

I am a little dissapointed on the chorus, as I feel is the weakest link here. Nicko's speech in the beginning is a little akward aswell.



8/10. A nice little gem from Dave Murray, great song. Not quite special enough for a 9 to me, as the vocals strike me as awkward at times in the chorus.


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What's with the reversed Idi Amin intro? I'd understand it on a more silly song like DWYBO, but to me, it kind of kills the mood the song's going for, even if it is funny.

Regardless, it's another softer track in the vein of Revelations, although the pacing and beauty isn't quite there. Not that those attributes are bad, but they aren't quite on the level of Revelations. However, I've definitely recovered from my phase where I considered this song Revelations-lite, as this song has great lyrics and a great chorus, and the solo is one that stands out in the Maiden catalogue.


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7: Remember Tomorrow: 8/10
8: The Number Of The Beast: 8/10
9: Murders In The Rue Morgue: 8/10
10: Flight Of Icarus: 7/10
11: Still Life: 7/10
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13: Where Eagles Dare: 7/10
14: Purgatory: 7/10
15: 22 Acacia Avenue: 7/10
16: Wrathchild: 7/10
17: Transylvania: 7/10
18: Prodigal Son: 6/10
19: Strange World: 6/10
20: Die With Your Boots On: 6/10
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33: Invaders: 3/10
34: Total Eclipse: 3/10
35: The Ides Of March: 2/10


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I'm not a fan of breathless Bruce. But this song has an elaborate beauty about it. I always get drawn in. I think this is a song that could have been great if it were written 3-4 years better. Imagine a slightly tarted up version of this on SSOASS.



Recently I've been seeing a lot of appreciation for this song in this forum- some people even put it among Maiden's best songs.

Unfortunately, I always fail to see what is so special about this one. It does have a fantastic intro by Dave (continuation of Strange World - Prodigal Son - 22 Acacia Avenue sequence I was writing about on the respective topics) but I don't really see anything else.

There is also nothing annoying about this song and I definitely won't skip it if it comes on my shuffle.

The highlight: Dave Murray intro at 0:14.



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I'm going to join the voices that recognise this is a good song, but nothing special. Overall...