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Can someone tell me whats being said at the beginning of Still Life? It sounds like someone talking backwards, but i cant decide.
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It's Nicko's Idi Amin impression done backwards. Check the Iron Maiden Commentary for more.
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I recall that part of it is "Don' mess wid tings ye don' understand."

Hey, I like that quote! Time to change my sig...
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it says "'what ho?' sed de ting wid de tree bonce, don meddle wid tings yu dun understand" or translated "'what ho?' said the thing with the three heads, don't meddle with things that you do not understand."

I believe he was taking the piss.

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I've never actually listened to it backwards, so if I'm wrong someone please let me know, but...

Backwards human speech often sounds odd. Sounds like belches aren't necessarily what you think.

Incidentally, I've actually recorded belches backwards, and they don't sound like belches that way. They sound like frogs!
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It's a belch, alright.

[a href=\'\' target=\'_blank\']Check it.[/a]
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A great song with very intriguing lyrics and one of my favourites on the album. I really like the beginning of the song, it just conveys such a lot of feeling. Then the song gets heavier, as if the person is slowly drifting into madness. Just great.
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Great song. I love the theme about the guy contemplating jumping into the pool which he believes spirits are calling him in to but nobody believes him. Pretty mysterious song. The chorus and solos are great, gotta love it. Rating: 4.5/5
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Now this is an underrated song! It builds up perfectly, the lyrical theme is appealing and the chorus has me trying to sing along in that high pitched Mickey mouse voice every time I hear that song! 4,5!
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I think the "pool" is actually a metaphor for his dark side. When he looks at the pool, he uses it as a mirror. Yeah, he can stare at the depths too, but his own reflection is also there. So when the guy looks inside the pool, he actually looks into himself. The dephts of his psyche. And he certainly has suicidal feelings in there. He uses the pool as a mirror to his inner self and he takes the suicidal feelings from there. That's what I think anyway.

Overall, an excellent song. Very underrated too.
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This song is amazing. I like it a lot. The theme of it is really good, too. The reason I didn't give it a 5/5 was because that damn chorus is really annoying after a while.


I still like the song, but it gets only a 4.5/5 from me.
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Been practicing with this song lately, haven't been paying much attention but now it grows in me and is one of the greatest non epic maiden songs ever, I love it a lot, it's musically brilliant. Yep, my favorite non epic song of Maiden, that's for sure. Nicko does a good job too!
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This is one of the more unique songs in the Maiden catalogue.  Bruce is passionate and can sing in a mellow and harsher tone here which adds to the mood.  The repetition "and then, and then" and the singing around that part is probably my favourite part of the song.
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Sorry to bump, but I need to say this.  I think Still Life is the definitive Iron Maiden song.  It was one of their first songs to use the soft intro that's now become standard for them, it has one of Bruce's best performances ever, and the lyrics are fantastic.  The guitar solos also sound like a precursor to the reunion era materiel.  This song is so sadly underrated.
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Quite a good song. I see where it is great, I feel the awesome music and the lyrics are quite cool. It never really clicked for me, it never jumped out and grabbed me and pulled me into that pool, but it is very very good. I will be the person giving this an 8/10.
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It has some very nice melodies, Nicko's great intro, and cool lyrics, but still, the song does not stand out as much as you'd think based on those criteria.  It is probably quite underrated, but I would still give it only an 8.
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One of my favourites off this album. I like it from start to finish. Dave's sweet intro, the creepy lyrics, the solos and especially the way they change the rhythm section during the last verse. It's not a 10, but it's among my favourite tracks off POM and gets a 9.