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Discussion in 'The Final Frontier' started by Travis The Dragon, Aug 9, 2010.


How good is Starblind on a scale of 1-10?

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  1. Travis The Dragon

    Travis The Dragon The dreamers may die, but the dreams live on.

    Thought I'd start a thread for the only missing song. :D
  2. Machiventa

    Machiventa Invader

    Great song! I'll tackle the lyrics on this one if you want?
  3. brother2

    brother2 Prowler

    After listening to the samples, this was the song I was looking forward to the most.

    I must say it was quite disappointing. Hope it'll grow on me.
  4. p4warrior

    p4warrior Trooper

    This one's a grower I feel.  At the same time, Bruce's soaring vocals are epic, and this one was a pleasant surprise for me.  Verses reminded me of Lord of Light.[hr][/hr]Also the little mini-solos in between and behind the vocals... the jamming is epic.  I'm getting chills right now
  5. Moonchild33

    Moonchild33 Trooper

    I'm surprised by the mixed reaction. For me, it's the most DIFFERENT of all their songs so far. Very ambitious and risky. I love it. A diamond in the rough.
  6. LordMaiden

    LordMaiden Trooper

    Yeah, I agree with that.
  7. p4warrior

    p4warrior Trooper

    The breakdown around four minutes is sooooo good.  The lyrics also seem to be about religion... sound very good and deep.  Can't wait till we get em deciphered.
  8. asscoffee

    asscoffee Prowler

    I do think the chorus is almost too similar to Infinite Dreams (especially the bluesy guitar licks going on in the background), but that's a minor gripe... I can think of worse things than having material reminiscent of that classic album :) .
  9. Machiventa

    Machiventa Invader

    LOLLL after hearing this a couple times now I'm realizing the immense task of deciphering this. I think I'll pass on this and just wait for the release.

    Fucking amazing track.
  10. Jeffmetal

    Jeffmetal Ancient Mariner

    I didn't listen the album, yet, but how can something resembling Infinite Dreams can be a 'gripe'? It's perhaps Maiden's best song, after all!
  11. Moonchild33

    Moonchild33 Trooper

    I don't hear Infinite Dreams at all. Not even a little.

    Jeff, it's nothing like AMOLAD. You'll love it. :p
  12. Jeffmetal

    Jeffmetal Ancient Mariner

    I've been saying it since day one about this album. And now, I trust even more coming from the mouth of an AMOLAD lover. :p Cheers, lady. Glad you're really excited by the new album.
  13. Moonchild33

    Moonchild33 Trooper

    Cheers! It's really fantastic and the most repetitive song is the title track. I truly think you'll appreciate the atmosphere.

    And seeing as you love OOTS, Coming Home will be one of your favourites as well.
    Or maybe I'm just so in love with that song that I'm overrating it. You'll have to see in a few days. ;)
  14. judas_rising

    judas_rising Invader

    Some of my favorite Maiden songs took a while to grow on me.. up until then I skipped them when listening to an album.  For the Greater Good of God, The Legacy, Thin Line Between Love and Hate, ect.

    These all seem like they will follow that trend of taking a few listens for them to fully sink in.
  15. Suicidehummer

    Suicidehummer Trooper

    Well, Mother of Mercy is somewhat...
  16. Moonchild33

    Moonchild33 Trooper

    A tad but not too noticeably.

    Love the song in your signature.
  17. Suicidehummer

    Suicidehummer Trooper

    Definitely. Purple are not given the recognition they deserve - no, scratch that - they don't have the following they deserve. People list them as an influential metal band but most metal fans don't look deeper than Smoke on the Water.
  18. Stan

    Stan Nomad

    I love Jeff Healey's solo on that song on Gillan's Inn. It's incredible.
  19. Moonchild33

    Moonchild33 Trooper

    It's really a shame. Of course people like Bruce Dickinson and Yngwie Malmsteen give them the credit they deserve, but beyond that it's a damn shame.
    By the way, Child in Time > most people's life.

    Back on topic, I just love Starblind's chorus. "STARLIGHT! STARBRIGHT!" Beautiful vocals, Bruce.
  20. Suicidehummer

    Suicidehummer Trooper

    I'm a Blackmore man. I'm sure we can all agree that Morse is the worst Purple guitarist...

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