Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021


Educated Fool
Based on the small sample of lyrics which have been 'leaked', I have the feeling that Stratego is going to be a fast and heavyish song.

(I've been trying to guess the guitar riffs and the vocal lines for days).


Out of the Silent Planet


Out of the Silent Planet
How do you read a madman's mind?
Teach me the art of war
For I shall bring more
Than you bargained for

Give me an ultimatum
That I could not dream of
Spills of a crying nation
Upon my soul
Maybe this is the chorus of ''Stratego''?

I think ''Days Of Future Past'' will be a really fast short rocker (the leaked lyrics for it are short).


Ancient Mariner
The chances are 50/50 imo - in August or in November (after the release of the album).
I can't say for sure, but I dunno if they'd have a sticker advertising the two singles off the album if one of them is not even out yet by the time the album releases. It's obviously not impossible, but I think the target market of people who hear the single post-launch and then are curious enough to look up the band and want to buy a physical CD is largely non-existent at this point. People hearing the two singles before the album's out and deciding to hop on the train, well, that seems more reasonable to me. It might be a slight sales boost for the band in that crucial first week.

Then again, I might just be too optimistic. Ah, well. It's only a month or so out anyway.


Educated Fool
I am old enough to have done mix tapes (TDK90 cassettes). I made Maiden mix tapes too back in the early 90s. The days of pressing record and play button at the same time and the threat of erasing the master cassette tape by accident (if you got left or right side wrong on your player) was real :p

Not sure how many here can identify with this or listening to Maiden on a sony walkman?
I used to tape the Listen with Nicko parts, and tried to mimick his accent..
I predict there is a hidden message placed somewhere saying "do it, do it, do it"...
... "keep listening, keep listening, keep listening"... :devil2: