Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021

Bearing in mind songs like Senjutsu, Death of the Celts, The Parchment, Hell on Earth, even Lost in a Lost World - Bruce's Return of the King would immensely fit on the album. Imagine this run:

7. Return of the King
8. Death of the Celts
9. The Parchment
10. Hell on Earth
Senjutsu is one of the best songs Maiden has ever released, it's that good. No plodding, cinematic, emotional, amazing drums, and everything is in place. Major Priest vibe.
The riff and the whole vibe of the verses are very Judas Priest.
About which songs they will play live:

They will play for sure:
Hell On Earth

TWOTW and (maybe) Senjutsu during LOTB Pt. 3 - they can skip the former for the album tour. I hope the title track to debut during the album tour... it will be a great concert opener.

They most probably will play both short songs, so DOFP has a big chance.

I doubt about The Time Machine (if they play Stratego) because they usually play one Janick song for the album tours (since the reunion)... the only exception was BNW tour.

I'm not sure if they will play Darkest Hour, but I really hope so - they can put it in the encores (like Journeyman).

I expect a second Harris epic to be played too - DOTC will be a great live song, but The Parchment would be amazing (a little rest for Bruce in the middle of the set and these 6 solos have to be played live).

LIALW is a very good song, but I think it will be skipped (too much epics, I guess).

In the end, I think they will play 6/7 songs from the album during the 2 legs -> 1 song for LOTB tour (TWOTW), 5 songs for the 1st leg (without TWOTW) and 1 other new song for the 2nd leg. Btw, they also played 7 songs from TBOS album (during 2 legs).
I think during LOTB pt 3 there will not be new songs. But in case they play one, Death of the celts,and in senjutsu tour drop that one to play Hell on earth....what an awesome chorus.
A new video review of 'Senjutsu' by one of the guitarists of french heavy/thrash band ADX. I'm OK with some of his arguments and not with the others. But, in fine, he didn't understand the musical direction of 'Senjutsu'...

Senjutsu is one of the best songs Maiden has ever released, it's that good. No plodding, cinematic, emotional, amazing drums, and everything is in place. Major Priest vibe.
I dont see the priest vibe at all LOL more tool like some said,90s metal. But,really like the song,
After numerous spins during the weekend and already from friday it was so evident for me, they nailed it indeed this time.
Really easy to listen to this album, when it ends I can't do anything other than start again.
This album is truly great, not single wasted moment or weaker songs at all, all the songs works fine for me.
@Fabio Maiden how are feeling the new album?
Just as listening again here, I will ask you one more question:
The part at around 1:08 on "Hell On Earth" does it remind you of some else song or theme?
I think it's one of the instances on the album that takes me somewhere, some other have nods to Maiden's own past and songs..
After countless spins this weekend, I must say... I currently think this album is the best since SSOASS. It is, as I said before, a masterpiece. I can't find anything to criticize. I hope this assessment stands the test of time - but I have a much better feeling than after hearing BoS the first time.

Also, do you guys think the nods to old songs (in particular songs set in ancient lore/history) in The Time Machine was on purpose? It would certainly fit the title. I can hear the The Talisman in the intro, the Book of Souls (song) in some of the verses, and there are several other parts I can recognize some similarity, but which I cannot place right now...