Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021


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Ah, yes that Tom Cruise movie and costume was my little mistake. Lol, sorry for making a mess here.
Instant delete to make it easier here. Carry on, nothing to see here.


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Brother it is safe to say they changed the lives of this bunch here @ MF ! I mean, here we all are enjoying the heck our lives!! How fricken great is this?! :shred: :shred:
in a British lion song says the name is "legend"

It's where the river's running fast
There're legends of the past
Your future written in the stars long ago
Can't be bought, can't be sold
Worth much more than diamonds and gold
You got the heart, you got the soul, a flame

this verse speaks for me!


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But atleast if you order stuff from the official store then you support the band, but luckily Rod promised that this won't go as bad as the preorders went with the "Nights Of The Dead"-live, I preordered and paid 7 weeks before the release and so..luckily I got the money back but also got the limited colored vinyl-edition too. I was furious over the mess as it was first mentioned as exclusive then it was sold everywhere, so I decided to take money back but then got the vinyl still free.
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Looking at the tracklist, i am wondering why Maiden did not choose to release Days of future past or Stratego? Any ideas?


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So it's essentially the same as the other box set content wise plus an extra gadget?
Just found little bit more of this at FC-forums:
Alex@FC said:
Hi folks.
Just FYI the Fan Club exclusive wooden box is different to the rigid board box that you have seen at retail.
1: It is made of wood. 2: It has different contents, 3: It is for the FC only!
Full details to follow but just wanted to give you a heads up that this is coming…


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I have my reservations about the people who are doing it because Maiden does not use a constant tempo track. They play tight as fuck and intentionally notch up 2-3 bpm after choruses in the next verse, and so on.

Here's one of those edit jobs that has completely unnatural transitions, although the song is "straightforward"

I want to be actually, literally sick. That's fucking horseshit!
And as someone who's listened to that song for 25+ years, it just grates awfully.
Like scratching your nob along a pebble dashed prefab.


I hope that The Writing On The Wall is the worst song from the album, because it's underwhelming.

To each their own, I think it is a great strong, from the intro. to the fade out. Man elements of classic Maiden. It is not too different from many great songs on TFF or TBOS, IMHO. Though I do expect there to be stronger songs on the album itself.


The Last Samurai, as far as historical films go, is very bad, and the inclusion of a copy of a gusoku from the 1500s (it is a copy of Toyotomi Hidetsugi's preserved gusoku, currently in the Suntory Museum of Art) is one of the things that showcases how bad it is.

We don't know to which portion of Japanese history that Senjutsu refers, but if it's 1876 and Bruce is prancing around in that, uh...

Hold on, The Last Samurai is by all accounts a fantastic film.


There is something about the look on their faces, specialy Steve, he's got this look on his face like; If you liked our previous albums, you're in for it now bitches.