I would not say it's a masterpiece, but I think this album is a bit better than these reviews indicate. Though we can all agree that Hell-Cat is unquestionably a steaming turd of a song.

The Scorps of this era were good for a couple excellent songs per album and quite a bit of filler (or worse). Not sure if comps are going to be covered in this thread, but I play my Best of Scorpions album (which covers the Uli era and does not contain any of the later big commercial hits) a lot more than any individual Uli-era album.

To be fair I think that holds true for a lot of their albums - some impressive highs but their albums aren't generally massively consistent. On the other hand I can listen to pretty much any album of theirs beyond this point without getting bored, which is not something I can say for Virgin Killer (or its predecessors).
Is that purely the band their "fault" or do you simply (also) have no affiliation with genres/styles as tried by the band?
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Is that purely the band their "fault" or do you simply (also) have no affiliation with genres/styles as tried by the band?

For the first two albums it's probably the style - I'm not a fan of "krautrock" or whatever it's called; or at the very least I have similar misgivings about the early UFO stuff as well. In Trance and Virgin Killer aren't the same thing, but I guess they're not as streamlined as the band would become soon after either.

For the rest I don't think it's a case of the genre or style. I will happy listen to any of the later albums back to back and give free passes to songs that most others wouldn't - but at the same time I don't think the fact I have a soft spot for the likes of Don't Believe Her means it's anywhere close to the same quality as Wind of Change.
I like this album, they're really starting to hone in their sound and cut out a lot of the fat. I can see the criticisms of the vocals because Klaus is clearly still figuring out his voice. I think it works on a lot of songs though. Lots of memorable riffs and catchy songs. Easily the best album so far.
1977 - Taken By Force


So there was another lineup change for this album, with Herman Rarebell replacing Rudy Lenners on drums. This was also the last Scorpions album to feature Uli Jon Roth.
  1. Steamrock Fever - This song is a riff-fest, some truly evil metal riffs in it. The chorus is average, but at least Klaus sounds good. 2nd best song in their discography so far.
  2. We'll Burn The Sky - Kinda forgettable song because it doesn't really go anywhere. Main guitar riff is cool but it's ruined by a shitty drum beat.
  3. I've Got To Be Free - Alright song apart from some painful vocals by Klaus (who so far sounds very good unless he starts screaming). I like the style though, seems like they finally matured musically.
  4. The Riot Of Your Time - Energetic catchy song.
  5. The Sails Of Charon - Relatively experimental song, but it totally works. Guitar harmonies and riffs are the highlight of the song.
  6. Your Light - Forgettable song.
  7. He's A Woman - She's A Man - 2nd metal song on the album and a pretty good one too.
  8. Born To Touch Your Feelings - Longwinded ballad that starts out cool but ends with boring Repentance.
  9. Suspender Love - Silly song.
Overall: Vast improvement over everything that came before this album. Still not quite there though, but a massive step in the right direction.
Best song(s): Steamrock Fever, The Sails Of Charon
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FYI I have Suspender Love listed as a bonus track, I don't think it's part of the album.

I don't know if I've ever listened to this. The Sails of Charon is awesome, probably their best song so far. They've finally managed to marry instrumental experimentation with solid songwriting. Other than that though, the album is competent but mostly forgettable. I actually thought the second half of the album was way stronger than the first half. Your Light was one of the more memorable songs to me, a decent little pop tune. He's A Woman has some awesome Sabbath-y riffing. Born To Touch Your Feelings is a decent ballad with some interesting soundscapes, although the version I have is distractingly over compressed.

Overall not as good as Virgin Killer but not bad. There are decent moments here and there but, like most of the last few albums, it's just not quite there yet.
FYI I have Suspender Love listed as a bonus track, I don't think it's part of the album.
It was originally the B-side of the "He's A Woman - She's A Man" single. Ok as a bonus, but a criminally bad choice as far as its inclusion to Tokyo Tapes is concerned (especially while "Catch Your Train" or "The Sails of Charon" don't make the setlist) in my opinion.
Confession: I only do these reviews while playing FIFA and since I wasn't able to play it for a while, due to laptop overheating and freezing the game, I also didn't review Scorpions for a while :p But I fixed the laptop, so...

1979 - Lovedrive


This is the first album to feature Matthias Jabs on lead guitar, who replaced Uli Jon Roth and therefore formed a 38 year long guitar duo with Rudolf Schenker, which continues to this day. Michael Schenker also played on a few songs on this album, and actually replaced Jabs altogether, but after 2 months he quit again and Jabs came back. Kinda similar to when Dave Murray was kicked out of Maiden then swiftly brought back.

  1. Loving You Sunday Morning - One of their best songs so far. Everything works here. It's a quite complex opening song for their standards, with multiple cool parts.
  2. Another Piece Of Meat - Silly song that actually works for once. Quite metal-ish and fast and seems like Klaus has finally found consistency.
  3. Always Somewhere - Average ballad. Catchy but nothing special, however at least Klaus sounds great.
  4. Coast To Coast - Cool instrumental. This is already shaping up to be the best Scorpions album so far. Jabs isn't a virtuoso like Michael Schenker or UJR, but he fits the band way better and doesn't attempt to sing like UJR :p
  5. Can't Get Enough - Heavy & catchy song, but maybe a bit too repetitive.
  6. Is There Anybody There - This one was forgettable tbh.
  7. Lovedrive - Nice gallop, but don't really like the vocal lines or the rest of the song.
  8. Holiday - This one sounds kinda unfinished to me. Nothing bad about it, but the middle part should've been longer. Ending is cool however.
Overall: Best Scorpions album so far. Also best one vocally by far, thanks to no UJR and Klaus finding his style.
Best song(s): Loving You Sunday Morning
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It's funny that you should review that album today and mention Michael Schenker because he's just come out and slagged off his brother:

"I had a contract for 'Lovedrive' as the sixth member of the band. There should have been a picture in there. They should have mentioned that I wrote the intro to 'Holiday', which is a 40-second setup that sets up the mood for 'Holiday', which was one of the most successful ballads ever of the SCORPIONS. Then there is 'Coast To Coast', which Rudolf asked me if I would give my portion of the composition to him. I wrote all the melodies in 'Coast To Coast', so I said, 'Why not?' I gave it to him."

Rudolf Schenker is a desperate wannabe who ripped his brother off and even went as far as taking credit for his younger brother's songwriting. It's stupid. So let's forget about that guy until he understands that it's not all about rat race and money and being famous and being 'it.' There's more to life than just being rich and famous and having money."

Such a fantastic album. Loving You Sunday Morning may be my fav Scorpions song. I go back and forth with Blackout for which one is best. Will say more when I relisten.
My favourites are "Is There Anybody There", "Lovedrive", "Coast to Coast" and "Another Piece of Meat". I find "Always Somewhere" and especially "Loving You Sunday Morning" overrated (I still fail to see what is so good in the latter and why it is always in the setlists).
Second favourite album containing my favourite Scorps song (Coast to Coast, which I’m pretty sure Michael Schenker played lead on, as well as Lovedrive my second favourite and one more.

Good variety and pretty consistent, with high highs and decent lows.
Scorpions are the kings of ballads ! So many great ones that they have. My favorites are Always Somewhere and When The Smoke Is Going Down.

My favorite Scorpions albums are: Lovedrive '79 and Blackout '82.
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Lovedrive - Scorpions

Loving You Sunday Morning - The midpaced classic opener kicks off the first of the classic albums by the Scorpions, Klaus and the gang put in some really good work here. 9/10

Another Piece of Meat - The second track kicks the album into high gear, the raunchy Another Piece of Meat is filled with strong hooks and amazing guitar work from Schenker. This song kicks ass - 10/10

Always Somewhere - Any scorpions fan can tell you that song #3 is often a ballad. Lovedrive doesn't differ from this pattern. The sentimental ballad honestly of their 70s material this is easily one of the best ballads but the German machine wrote many amazing ones in their time. Peaceful and beautiful guitars. Klaus sings wonderfully and the song doesn't stay too long. A unsung masterpiece - 10/10

Coast To Coast - One of the few instrumental tracks that I like, the guitars really sing on this one. However I still wish it had vocals of some sort somewhere in it to make it another Scorpions classic rocker. - 9/10

Cant Get Enough - Side 2 kicks off with the blistering Can't get enough, roaring guitars and Klaus is screaming to the heavens. So much energy in this performance, people who think Scorpions are only Hair metal like Rock You Like A Hurricane, need to hear this song and the title track. Blistering speed and ferocity another easy 10/10

Is There Anybody There? - The only weak song on the album, but it isn't really weak just very different. A nice groove is present throughout and the song has some nice guitar work. A solid track -8/10

Lovedrive - Kicking back into high gear the title track charges forwards taking no prisoners, Michael is back doing lead for this track once again and his skills are evident throughout. The bass work on this track is strong as well. The song has a bit of a gallop to it off the start. Klaus puts in work as well, and Rarebell has some solid drumming - 9/10

Holiday - The Album closes off with another ballad, the mighty Holiday begins calm before entering a heavier midsection and closing off with an extended solo, the sole reason this song isn't 10/10 is that the demo solo is an absolute monster extending onwards for another 3 minutes and is pure perfection - 9.5/10

Overall 93%

Virgin Killer - Scorpions [Alternative Cover]

Pictured Life - Kicking off the German Metal legends 4th album is a catchy song. Solid riffage from Uli and Klaus has some nice dynamics in his vocals here. A strong start to the album. - 8.5/10

Catch Your Train - The roaring Catch Your Train follows up the opener, Klaus has some nice screaming style vocals. Introduced by a killer solo by Roth this song doesn't lose momentum. Having heard it live twice I can say this song doesn't lose any energy in a live setting even 40 years later; shows hints of what they will become in the future but Klaus won't ever be screaming quite like this again... 10/10

In Your Park - Slowing down from the previous tracks, a weeping guitar solos before Klaus comes in, a ballad with a slightly more upbeat chorus, the band's backing vocals add to the song throughout. Roth has some nice solos in this track, a theme from his albums - 7.5/10

Backstage Queen - Picking the pace up again, a fun song about a backstage lover from touring the world. The band is really tight on this track, and for the Tokyo Tapes Live album the version is heavier than the studio album. Roth's solo is memorizing on the album. Catchy. -9/10

Virgin Killer - The title track closes off side 1, a wicked riff from Roth introduces it, Klaus screams on this track once again, it doesn't work quite as well as id did on Catch Your Train but the song still rocks, screaming solo. - 8.5/10

Hell-Cat - An interesting riff introduces the 2nd half of the album, this song is meant to be fun and has a lot of going for it... The Roth begins singing, the band plays really well. But his singing really doesn't make sense when you have Klaus Meine who could kill this track. Not Roth's worst singing... - 7.5/10

Crying Days - A majestic crying guitar introduces the next track, Klaus once more sings a mini epic of sorts, not a proper ballad featuring great guitarwork, solid vocal harmonies and Klaus singing as only he can. Only downside is it gets somewhat repetitive towards the end. -9.5/10

Polar Nights - The sound of winds with the band slowly coming in kicks off the next track. This song has amazing guitar work Roth kills it and then he starts singing again... I really want to know what this track could have become if Klaus had sung it, the perfect vehicle for live experimentation. Roth's vocals on Hell Cat were tolerable but here I cannot warrant anything higher despite the amazing guitar work - 7.5/10

Yellow Raven - The sounds of the tide and birds chirping introduces the final song of the album, the fairly subdued Yellow Raven. This ballad doesn't connect with me but the performance by the entire and is strong - 8/10

Overall 84%
Will probably be seeing Uli Jon Roth live next Thursday in Dallas since I will be working there that week. Will be my first time to see him. Glad I looked at his average 2019 setlist ahead of time; didn't know he formed a band called UJR & Electric Sun and also 1 called UJR & Sky of Avalon. He also plays some Scorpions deep cuts I haven't heard in a long time:

Saw him do a full Scorpions set plus a few other ones a couple years back was amazing to hear those early Scorpions tracks being performed live.