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The SCORPIONS have posted streams of ALL (!) the tracks from their forthcoming studio album Unbreakable, due out May 3rd. You can hear the tracks at this [a href=\'\' target=\'_blank\']location[/a]. As previously reported, the tracklisting for the album is as follows: 'New Generation', 'Love Em Or Leave Em', 'Deep And Dark', 'Borderline', 'Blood Too Hot', 'Maybe I Maybe You', 'Someday Is Now', 'My City My Town', 'Through My Eyes', 'Can You Feel It', 'This Time', 'She Said' and 'Remember The Good Times'.

Dates for their Unbreakable Tour 2004 are as follows:

17 - Preussag Arena in Hannover, Germany
27 - TBA in Odessa, Ukraine
29 - TBA in Kiev, Ukraine

22 - TBA in Ingolstadt, Germany

4 - Domplatz in Halberstadt, Germany
11 - Sweden Rock Festival in Sölvesborg, Sweden
12 - Arrow Rock Festival in Lichtenvoorde, Holland

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Hmmmmmm, I figured there would be some Scorpions fans on here. Oh well. Anyway, here is the first single from the new album. It's pretty good for a softer song.

Hey, I'm sorry to bring this up again, but I just don't get the lack of interest in this band. Yet Sabaton, who isn't nearly as popular as these guys gets tons of action. Just seems a bit ironic and strange to me.
That's cool for sure LC. And I know we do have Scorpions fans on here. Maybe this will get some action when the album comes out and more tour dates are announced.
The Scorpions are awesome. Blackout is one of my all time favorite Metal albums and even some of their recent stuff was cool, like Humanity Hour 1. That said, Sting In the Tail and Comeblack were major disappointments and my interest in what this band does now is pretty much gone. Everything they've done since announcing their "farewell tour" has just seemed like a really gimmicky attempt at attracting fans of 80s nostalgia, this new album included.
Well, I'd much rather have them sound like their classic 80's sound than drastically change their sound like Metallica and Queensryche did. They almost went down that path with Eye2Eye which is what most likely hurt their popularity.
I know we do have Scorpions fans on here.
I'm a pretty big fan, just got the Blackout SACD reissue. Lovedrive and Blackout are two of the greatest metal/hard rock albums ever made, and I'm also a fan of the early Uli Jon Roth material: "In Trance," "Sails of Charon," "Pictured Life," etc. I strongly recommend that stuff as well. Don't know the more recent albums, however -- I kind of checked out after Crazy World. I had heard rumors that the new album consists of old, unreleased material from the 80s--is that true? If so, I may have some interest in that. Note: the video you embedded no longer works.
Yes, some of the songs on the new album are going to be unreleased stuff from the 80's so that should be pretty good.

Too bad the user removed that song. Here's a 30 second sample though:
I think Blackout is one of the finest albums ever recorded, and I quite like the two previous albums.
Beyond that I like assorted songs — some of them a lot — but my general thoughts aren't much different than Cornfed and Mosh.
I love this band! I'm with you guys on Blackout. I think that album is great. I enjoyed Sting in the tail though. I caught a few shows on the 2010 tour and thank god I did. The shows were incredible. I hope they're back in the states next year. I haven't really checked their status or what they're up to lately.
My favourite Scorpions studio album is 'Lovedrive'. 'Coast To Coast' is a monster. However, their 'Tokyo Tapes' live album is the real shit. 'We'll Burn The Sky' is just awesome.

I'd like to see them play live in November.
Lovedrive is a great one for sure! Also, I'll never forget when I heard Women from Face The Heat and Klaus's insane scream "I wanna know who the hell am I!". I just stood there in shock over that!

Also, I used to have the most amazing live version of Alien Nation ever. I lost it when my old iPod died. Unlike the version on Live Bites, it was played at the original tempo and Klaus sang it with more energy and power that I had ever heard. It's NOT the version in the video below either. Hopefully, by some very lucky chance, someone has this version.

I'm checking out the entire album now. ;) So far, the rockers seem pretty weak and aren't doing much for me, but the ballads are just incredible!
OMG!!! I'm SO VERY jealous of any of you who will get to witness this!!! WOW!!! PLEASE let there be a MN. date added!!!

From Queensryche's Facebook:

9/10 Boston, MA Blue Hills Bank Pavilion

9/12 Brooklyn, NY Barclay’s Arena

9/13 Gilford, NH Meadowbrook

9/18 Toronto, ON Molson Canadian Amphitheatre

9/19 Montreal, QC Bell Centre

9/22 Columbus, OH LC Pavilion

9/23 Cleveland, OH Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica

9/25 Windsor, ON Caesar’s Windsor

9/26 Chicago, IL Allstate Arena

10/1 San Jose, CA SAP Center

10/3 Los Angeles, CA The Forum
I like the Scorpions. Been getting into them recently and love Klaus's voice. I have to say that I find Virgin Killer to be one of the most important metal albums of it's time. You didn't get much like it before it came out.

Well, I'd much rather have them sound like their classic 80's sound than drastically change their sound like Metallica and Queensryche did. They almost went down that path with Eye2Eye which is what most likely hurt their popularity.

The thing is though that classic 80s sound of Scorpions was already a drastic change in sound. I love Blackout and all, as it feels like a retrospective of their whole career, some songs recapturing the metallic thunder of Virgin Killer and Taken By Force, and others taking the Van-Halenisms of Lovedrive and Animal Magnetism. Other than that though, i'm not a big fan of their output after Roth left. Too muddy of a guitar tone generally and the pop sound just doesn't effect me much, though i'll admit a few of those tracks are quite well-crafted for what they are, and I like some of them, I just wish they continued in that direction of having a thick, dense guitar tone and a heavy metal edge rather than becoming a second-rate Van Halen.
Listened to "Eye of the Storm" off their latest album. Great song, killer musicianship. Meine can still sing, that's for sure.
Quite a sharp interview by Michael Schenker! @mckindog


What was it like playing in the earliest days of The Scorpions?
There are things that I know today, and I must say I’m actually very disappointed in my brother [Rudolph, guitarist] in The Scorpions these days, because I just found out that a lot of things have been incorrect in the past. Me, being seven years younger than the other guys, I think I was taken advantage of right from the beginning.

I wrote most of The Scorpions songs on the ‘Lonesome Crow’ album, and it was credited to all members. The very first song I ever wrote was ‘In Search Of The Peace Of Mind’, and it too was credited to all members. I was focusing on music, and they were maybe focusing on business; I have no idea, but they didn’t know how to write songs in those days.

Your Black and White guitar is so iconic.
The guitar thing to me; I didn’t pick the guitar – it’s all based on circumstances, and if it works don’t fix it. When I did the ‘Lovedrive’ album with The Scorpions, I decided to paint my guitar black and white, and when I left The Scorpions something mysterious happened. My brother called me and asked me if I would allow him to use the black and white design, and I was always wondering; “why the heck is he so desperate to do this?” Today I think I know – I think he wanted to distort and take a bit of my image.

You and Rudolph are quite alike aren’t you?

The difference is one can play and the other one can’t! [Laughs] That’s how you can find out who is who. Or you look at the eyes; his eyes are brown, but he can fake that too by getting blue lenses. Rudolph is the entertainer on a visual level; I’m the artist.

Have you any plans to get up on stage with The Scorpions before they call it a day?

I don’t pay attention to any of that. I focus on what I’m doing. I’m fed up with that, and I’m disappointed in them; they have completely distorted the ‘Lovedrive’ phase. Just a few weeks ago I was confronted with The Scorpions [albums reissue] box, and what I saw there, it really, really shocked me. I can’t trust them anymore. The whole ‘Lovedrive’ story is wrong. They are putting it down as if I begged them to take me into The Scorpions. They begged me to join – I was already doing arena tours with UFO in the States. It’s unbelievable. They asked me to help them, and now I see that the whole ‘Lovedrive’ story is written to their favour; they are the big guys.

I can’t believe it, honestly – they’re just fooling people with their finishing playing, and then they don’t, and then [they continue playing] forever and ever. I guess when you get older you get bolder or something, but I have absolutely no interest because I can’t trust them. If I look back now, it’s unbelievable, little bits and pieces I’m discovering. So putting together the whole picture, it looks like they’re absolutely desperate.
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