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Ancient Mariner
But consistency does not necessarily imply quality.
Perhaps I don't understand the meaning of consistent but at least: when I add up / weigh the qualities of all the songs, and see the average level of quality (and when I experience the continuous flow of quality), this album comes out best (from this decade).


Ancient Mariner
Surprised when I found this because normally Geddy gives the interviews; insight on the recording and performance of Moving Neil!

I knew the name of YYZ was the airport code for Rush's hometown and that the intro was morse code but I wasn't aware what they were trying to accomplish during the rest of the song.



Ancient Mariner
It seems that Geddy would be doing a short European tour signing his book of bass. Tickets cost £60 for the London event and include the book.


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And if it's anything like the Canadian book tour, you will not be allowed to get anything other than his new book signed.

Black Wizard

Pleb Hunter
Last night I saw Cinema Strangiato on its one night only worldwide release and I was almost the youngest person in the room. If it wasn't for a couple of dads taking their sons I certainly would have been the youngest.

The film is mostly footage from their show in Toronto on the R40 tour with one song from Newark because they had a violinist perform with them. There are also a couple of interviews with celebrity fans - Tom Morello and Billy Corgan - who talked about how Rush influenced their careers in music. The live footage from Toronto was very impressive. The camera angles managed to make the show feel intimate while still capturing the scope of the show and scale of the venue. I was so immersed that I almost started applauding at the end of some songs. :lol: The close-ups of Neil Peart were particularly fascinating as it showed how hard he was concentrating and I noticed a few little emblems on his drumkit such as an oroborus. That's the same thing Epica use on their logo. The sound of the instruments was very good but I felt it overpowered Geddy Lee's (admittedly weak) vocals most of the time. That may have been a consequence of the cinema's sound system though. The experience of watching that show on a big screen was pretty awesome and I hope that more bands consider filming a concert for cinematic release. Bands probably don't make much money from DVDs now but there's something to be said for watching a concert on a big screen.

Black Wizard

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I have no idea as I've never watched the R40 DVD. The concert footage is probably the same though.

I reckon Google is your friend in this case.