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Re: Daily Song: Revelations

Jeffmetal said:
Yes, some people can. So deaf to the point of saying AMOLAD or TFF are better than POM.

Seriously, Jeff, I think everyone and their grandmother knows by now that you don't like AMOLAD.  I would appreciate it if you didn't bring it up (in such an absolute way, stating your opinion as fact) in every thread where comparisons are made, especially if AMOLAD's not even the point.  Healthy debate and discussion is good, but statements like the above just piss off people when they're done with that kind of attitude. 
Re: Daily Song: Revelations

Absolute 10. One of my favourite Maiden songs, and songs in general, for the awesome instrumentation and singing.

Wästed The Great

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One of my favorite tunes off POM.  I haven't listened to it in a while, for some sad reason, but I aim to fix that tonite.  Great live or studio.


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Re: Daily Song: Revelations

Invader said:
Bruce also wrote Powerslave and Flash of the Blade, H wrote Wasted Years, Sea of Madness, SIASL, Davey wrote Charlotte the Harlot, Steve has written countless tracks alone.  Or do you say that because he's a singer and not a guitarist?

Because he's a singer, yeah. But one needs to remember that getting the credit for the music just means doing the arrangement and the basic melodies of the song. The guitarists then go and do their thing which can be way more advanced and technical than the basic song idea.


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"Eurovision song contest:"

Revelations, twelve points, Revelations, douze points.  ;)

By the way, the LAD version, when Bruce screams "Los Angeles, can you feel it !!!", and the dark blue lights rotating, are among the best Maiden moments ever, imho.

About the song's meaning, i always thought this song is somewhat related with Powerslave, or more accurately, Powerslave is somewhat related with Revelations.


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Re: Daily Song: Revelations

Jeffmetal said:
The one who gave 4 to this masterpiece surely doesn't have a 'kin clue of what is real music.

I won't give a 4 but I have a clue what music I like. When it comes to Maiden this particular song structure isn't something I like immensely. The song itself has been given so much attention that it's getting hard to judge the song without that attention. Still I'll give it a try.

The lyrics are poetic and dramatically done by Bruce. Good job, though there's a point where it's a bit annoying when you hear him catching his breath so loudly.

Now the worse part: This song probably has the least variation of all Maiden/w Dickinson songs from the eighties. The progression is very predictable, monotone (constantly the same chords) and repetitive.

The "ta da da" theme runs though the whole instrumental mid section. When I hear it, I wait til its over quickly. And that isn't a good sign when I'm listening to Maiden. Instrumental sections are usually for me highlights of the song. Not this time. The whole thing just "happens" and doesn't go through any interesting direction.

I'll give a 7, because of its nice lyrics and well done vocals, plus I should not forget the acoustic contribution as well. But not higher. An 8, 9 or 10 is for a song with more excitement, less repetition and more variarion.

Genghis Khan

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9/10.  Though when I first started listening to IM, this song was easily in my top 5.  I think the last live performance I saw slightly dampened my enthusiasm for the song.  Slight overkill hearing it in concert so many times.  The storyline is one of Maiden's best and the music really suits the song despite its simplicity.


The Angel Of The Odd
Revelations is a very historical and significant song. Excellent lyrics and a classic in the Maiden catalog. But as already noted by Forostar, somehow predictable. 9/10

The Flash

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Lyrics are amazing, Bruce's performance is sky-high, nice melodies and solos. One of the best on the album.



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Los Angeles, can you feel it?
Well, I don't know about LA, but I certainly can. This song is nothing short of magical, creating a mystical atmosphere that is perfectly complemented by lyrics that only Bruce could write. It just seems to take you everywhere... how can I give it anything else than 10/10?


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9 out of 10... One of the strongest cuts on the album, and one of their greatest played live. Perhaps my favorite Dickinson penned tune from the "classic" era...


Definetely a ten, one of my favorite Maiden tracks.  Powerslave maybe is stronger musically, but this one wallops it in terms of lyrics.


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One of my favorite songs ever. I love the intro and the middle section and Bruce just sounds amazing on it. It's also historically significant as it is the first to use the Maiden 3 guitar onslaught. With Bruce on guitar! 10/10


Ancient Mariner
10/10. I don't know how could anyone give this masterpiece a 4! Shame on you, whoever gave that.