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The Cat slept in my sock drawer last night unbeknownst to me, until he crapped on my bedroom floor.
Advantages of dog:
  • Too big to fit in sock drawer
  • Will tell you clearly to stop if you try to put it there.
  • Asks you to take it outside if it needs to take a dump.
  • Large enough to open your sock drawer
  • May eat one of your socks
  • May also ask you to take it outside in the middle of the night, because it has eaten a sock and needs to take a dump
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I find that often when I feel sad and angry it's because I let myself be affected by other people's bullshit. Stuff people say, the things they like and the way they behave have a bigger (negative) effect on me than they should. I think I've become better in this regard, considering that around the same time last year I felt that I've lost my only friends and am completely alone in the world, but I still need to work on myself to become more individual and stop caring about the bullshit people bring into my life. The other half of the solution is about surrounding myself with better people, and I'm trying but it's a damn hard and slow process. I see studying a semester as an exchange student somewhere in Europe as a way out of this stagnation but it won't happen before 2020.


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Hey man, I know exactly how you feel, ive been in exactly the same situation and I'm sure we all have at some point in our lives. Once you start figuring out how to stop it let it bothering you things improve and it's good to see you're working on that:)

In other news, my ex also hurt me in a big way the other day and I'm seriously contemplating pushing one of my managers down the stairs


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So, here's how I felt on the bus this morning:

Everything was great. I was listening to The Odyssey, which has become a favourite track very quickly. I was chatting happily with the lady friend. I was enjoying the sunlight and I was smiling when we crossed the bridge and you get that beautiful view of Parliament, framed by the Gatineau Hills beyond. I was gonna write nice things. Then they put banana in my smoothie at the smoothie place. I go there every day, I don't like banana, and they know it. Day. Instantly. Ruined.

I fucking *hate* banana. Completely threw off my rhythm for the day and now I am crabby at work. Fucking hell.


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It's the little differences...

I have one a day to fight restless legs syndrome. I think it sort of works.


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Not Airpods because I spend my money wisely. Just a pair of skullcandy wireless. The button is broken but the thing charges fine so I'll just say the button broke on me, they do half the time on them


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Played the jam night again tonight, this time I had prepared but somehow played worse than last week. Not much musical crossover between me and the house band, so we done Sandman again. I was playing through a shitty multi FX thing that sounded awful and the other guitarist threw me by giving me the solos. I can't play those solos, so I improvised some and it sounded atrocious.

Then, being a bit stuck with what to play, we settled on Paranoid. I haven't played that in a long time, forgot that solo too and had lost my nerve after the first song so cocked up one of the easiest songs in existence.

I don't think anyone really cared, but it's so frustrating and humiliating because, at the risk of sounding narcissistic, I know that I'm above that level. I just can't seem to prove it.