Rant Thread

Some clever fuckers from Just Stop Oil tied themselves to a bridge over here...

Guess who's back
Back again
Just Stop Oil's back
Tell a friend.

Causing closures on sections of the M25 again, and I'm using that road for work again tomorrow. :mad:
Some definitions in physics really are counterintuitive, aren't they?
Somehow managing to work with two theories that seem to be mutually exclusive, and, whenever the calculations don't look right, coming up with stuff like dark energy or dark matter, I strongly suspect the main reason physicists are tolerated (and financed) is nukes.
Here's an impromptu translation of my favourite Bulgarian haiku, I hope it manages to keep the 5/7/5 pattern:

man aside the road
wet leaves of golden autumn
a cloud of vapour
those pancakes were out of season according to Emile

Good point. But then Emile's seems quite a reputable place, from what we can tell. It wouldn't fit if pancakes were out of season, let alone that Emile is even admitting it.

But you're right about season. Another season though. Let me explain you.
So it was my birthday right? What's more natural than craving something sweet? So I go to Emile's. He is a reputable pancake maker and kind of friend. He knows that if I will order, I will order big quantity, like so many times before.

On the other hand it's November right? A rain season, but also a Marathon season in this part of the world. The race is in a few days. From what he knows, he thinks that I will be running it. So he suggests I shouldn't do it in order to stay fit.

I enter Emile's
November, craving pancakes.
He says, don't do it
The water pressure is really low, so low the shower won't work, and now the internet is on a go-slow. Has an entire road and associated pipelines and cables been swept away???