Rant Thread


Ancient Mariner
What´s the latest fashion trend among youngsters in Estonia?
Baggy pants and shirts, stupid sunglasses, clothing items that don’t fit together (on purpose), piercings, tattoos. The uglier the better seems to be the trend. Replicating 90s skate fashion, I think. But the worst thing is the haircuts. Guys who have the sides of their head shaved and an “island” on the top…:puke:


Stranger to the Light
If we're talking clothing, jeans suck. Let me wear something that isn't so tight and restrictive! Formality and blah blah, if ripped pants are allowed so should be shorts.


General of the Dark Army
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Next to where I was sitting, a cat was just chilling in the sun like all cats do. Two grown ass guys passed by, one of them intentionally spilled his coffee on the poor cat for no reason and started laughing. The cat ran away and was trying to wipe the coffee from his face. It made me so mad.
Hot coffee?? That's bloody cruelty

Night Prowler

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I need to take a 2 week vacation no matter how it impacts my quota and therefore salary otherwise I'll burn out.

By vacation, I don't mean going anywhere, just not working and relaxing.

Last time I took a 2 week vacation was in 2018. I did have a period of 6 months of being unemployed, but still...


After the war?
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That's what vacations are for. It's ridiculous that you would be worried about your quota and your salary for taking a vacation you are entitled to. Is labour legislation really that poor in Serbia?


Enterprise-class aircraft carrier
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Very much like an American friend of mine, gainfully employed at a defense contractor, explaining that she needs to work 44+ hours a week so she can take 2 weeks vacation eventually. Excuse me, what?

Night Prowler

Customer Deathcycle Manager
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I'm allowed to and encouraged to go on that vacation. My manager even told me not to worry about quota, but I still can't relax, as I'm always worried about underperforming and I'm also aiming for a hattrick in being the best in a quarter.

Probably gonna take the last week of July and first week of August off... Still haven't decided.