Queensryche & Geoff Tate

My ranking of the Todd albums:

1. Digital Noise Alliance
2. The Verdict
3. Condition:Human
4. Queensryche

See the McBrainian pattern? I didn´t expect DNA would dethrone The Verdict so quickly but after one week of intensively spinning the new album I can conclude it´s the best of the LaTorrian era. And it´s even growing, not a single bad song!

Queensryche Album Top 5 overall:

1. Operation:Mindcrime
2. Rage For Order
3. Empire
4. The Warning
5. Digital Noise Alliance
Geoff Tate doing the Queenryche album anniversary shows has to be one of the best shows in metal right now. Saw the Empire + Rage for Order tour in 2020, best show I've seen in a while. Will definitely see his Operation Mindcrime anniversary show later this year!
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Yep, I saw the same show on Tuesday. Geoff's voice is in great shape and his stage charisma is wonderful. Highly recommended.
Man, i'm watching videos of Maiden on the Future Past tour and can't help but think how awesome would be for Queensryche to support them.

Just imagine,they open with Queen of the Reich, continue with songs such as NM156-Screaming in Digital, EnForce, Needle Lies, Behind the Walls and a couple of more songs from DNA(or from the Todd era), Empire etc and close the set with Eyes of a Stranger+Anarchy Xtra and then you wait for Maiden!! I'd give my right arm for that.

Todd said the other day on "The Metal Voice" that Queensryche will be in "a very special and unique tour in 2024" and today he posted on FB the pic he took with Harris when he met him on a British Lion show in Florida, and says "
I think Iron Maiden should bring Queensrÿche out for another tour someday Call me crazy, but it just makes sense
What say you?"

Wishful thinking... but damn, if something like that would happen...
Seeing Geoff Tate perform Operation Mindcrime in full in a few weeks! I'm so excited. I remember reading a story that Steve broke down and cried when hearing it, saying it was the album Maiden should have done. I think it is from one of the biographies?