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Death metal version of Bohemian Rhapsody:

Quite possibly the funniest thing I ever heard. I think I pulled something laughing so hard.


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Interesting. But I wonder if they have researched others (and how many) like this, besides Freddie. If not, then it's hard to say his voice was unparalleled.


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Continuing the tradition of "Bohemian Rhapsody played on different things/in different ways" that the internet has created, I present: a 1910 Fairground Organ.


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I read that it glosses over the gay part of his life and AIDS is reduced to a cough. So a family friendly attempt approach :facepalm:

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I saw the movie yesterday. Despite numerous inaccuracies in terms of chronology (e.g
"Fat Bottomed Girls" played around 1974-75 with the matching stage costumes in the "rise to fame" sequence, South American sing-along performances of "Love of my life" located when Freddie still has long hair and no moustache, "Another One Bites The Dust" somewhat associated to Brian May and Roger Taylor's discontent with the musical direction of Hot Space
), it is still a very enjoyable spectacle, especially in a cinema. It has to be taken as a story, not as a competition to the documentary Days of our Lives.

EDIT More about the "artistic licenses" the filmmakers have taken:
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Saw it yesterday too. 4d (or whatever that moving-chair etc thingie is called) added particularly to the live-on-stage scenes nicely. I got an urge to clap and cheer after the end of some songs :D. Of course, I was singing all the time to myself, there is A LOT of Queen music

Btw, the band's lookalikes are spot on, especially Brian May, he's unbelievable
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Just saw it with my son and his mother (she cried). Really enjoyed it! Even though I have been a Queen fan since News of the World, don't care about the liberties the film takes. Except for a pace that at times felt too fast to me, well done film.

The part that really got me, as shown in a trailer, was the Live Aid finale! I remember watching it on live tv in 1985 and being blown away! Sure U2 & the Dire Straits warmed up the audiences (that was the first time I ever heard "Money For Nothing"), but Queen is who caused everybody's jaws to drop and realize what a special amazing day it was going to be.

BTW, most forgot that Freddie & Brian returned to the stage after dark to play "Is This the World We Created...?"


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So, I just watched the film. I'm very familiar with the history of Queen, so I noticed a lot of chronological inaccuracies. However, I more or less accepted them as artistic licence. To me, the film was more of a story inspired by the life of Freddie, only that they used real life names and events.

As such, it was quite good. Freddie was portrayed largely the way I'd always imagined him. The references to the Zoroastrian creed of good thought, good words and good deeds had me grin. Somebody obviously did their homework there.

As far as I could tell, apart from a small handful of exceptions, all the music was from original recordings. The Live Aid music definitely was. You can tell they put a lot of effort into recreating that performance, as the original footage is readily available.

Was it a brilliant film? Probably not in every aspect. Would I have done it differently? Most probably. Did I like it? Yes, a lot.


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Glad you liked it. I know you’re a big fan of the band so I put a bit more weight in your thoughts on the film. The trailers didn’t leave a great impression on me, seems like it’d be better to wait until it comes to dvd/Netflix.