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This film should be experienced in the theater because of the MUSIC and also because of the amazing finale with the Live Aid performance.

Cornfed Hick

Ancient Mariner
The Live Aid music definitely was. You can tell they put a lot of effort into recreating that performance, as the original footage is readily available.
This is, frankly, what (in addition to mediocre reviews/score on Rotten Tomatoes) has me hesitant about going to see the film: wouldn’t I rather just watch the original Live Aid performance by the actual band? Same for other live performances, which have been pretty well documented in video releases over the years. Why watch actors pretend to be Queen when I could watch, you know, Queen??

Cornfed Hick

Ancient Mariner
This film should be experienced in the theater because of the MUSIC and also because of the amazing finale with the Live Aid performance.
This is somewhat persuasive. No matter how good my home theater system, it ain’t as good as the sound system they have at the local cinema! But the original Live Aid broadcast sound quality was iffy at best— have they made it sound better?


Ancient Mariner
It is a triumphant finale of the film and not only the band's return to the world wide stage but of the band rebonding and becoming family again. The moment and the feeling of not only the band, but also of both the audience in the stadium as well as around the world at that moment, are captured well in the film.

(Not to mention seeing that in the theater is far more enjoyable than on tv at home)


Dominus et deus
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A little easter egg from the film that for some reason gets better each time I think about it:

The record producer, who said something to the effect of Bohemian Rhapsody never being the song that kids would headbang to in the car with the windows up, was played by none other than Mike Myers.

Number 6

Ancient Mariner
Saw the film last Friday and it blew me away. I'd never really been very interested in Queen except for the most famous songs (like "Bohemian Rhapsody", "We Will Rock You", "We Are the Champions"...), but the movie actually made want to get to know their music. And there you go, Queen is pretty much everything I've been listening to since then. Not a fan yet, but I'm getting there.

The Dissident

Ancient Mariner

Sheer Heart Attack - Queen

Brighton Rock - A killer guitar riff track launchs into some very high vocals from the band with an amazing guitar solo, this is queen at their finest 10/10

Killer Queen - The classic Killer Queen is a nice mid paced track with some lovely harmonies and just a fun song. 8/10

Tenement Funster - The vocals opening this track remind me of Behind Blue Eyes; Roger does a good job on this song, although it isn't particularily memorable it still is a solid track - 7.5/10

Flick of the Wrist - Transitioning seamlessly from the previous song Freddie takes over the vocals again, more upbeat and as part of a medley it works really well. 7.5/10

Lily of the Valley - The final part of the medley is the piano ballad Lily of the Valley, a ballad about his girlfriend. A heart felt song, short and sweet definitely a work of art. 8/10

Medley as a whole - 8/10

Now I'm Here - Harmonies, nice instrumental work with a clear disregard for cookie cutter music Now I'm here closes side 1 in style - 9/10

In The Laps of The Gods - An odd song, that is 100% Queen but just doesn't work for me - 6.5/10

Stone Cold Crazy - A fast paced rocker which has influenced several metal bands for the speed and ferocity. 8.5/10

Dear Friends - A very short song showcasing Freddie on vocals and piano. It works 7.5/10

Misfire - Another short song, with some fun guitar work nothing groundbreaking but a fun song - 7.5/10

Bring back Leroy Brown - The final distinctly short song on the album showcasing more of Queen's harmony filled vocals - 7.5/10

She Makes me (Stormtrooper in Stilettos) - Brian takes lead on this track, harmony central with a slower marching band style to it. 7.5/10

In the Laps of Gods... Revisited - A much better version of the song.Another slower piano driven song, definetely has room to become much heavier in a live setting, a nice way to close the album - 8/10

Overall 79%



A Night At The Opera - Queen

Death on Two Legs Dedicated to... - A menacing intro leads into a piano followed by some vicious vocals from Freddie clearly going off on someone, although much less aggressive than Heart's Barracuda. An interesting start to the album - 8/10

Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon - The Opera theme comes into play here more. A fun song which clearly fits into a play theme - 8/10

I'm In Love With My Car - I really enjoy this song, it is fun and silly and I can bug my friends who are really into cars about the song being about them. 9.5/10

You're My Best Friend - A fun track, sentimental lyrics about friends. Has all the Queen elements that made them so great. - 8/10

39 - Brian takes over the vocals, and this song is amazing, nice beat, harmonies. - 9.5/10

Sweet Lady - Nice guitar tone, solid vocals but it isn't grabbing me not a bad song but nothing like the rest of side 1, the outro solo however is a great piece of work. - 7/10

Seaside Rendezvous - Another song straight out of an actual Opera. Fun way to end the 1st half - 7.5/10

The Prophet's Song - A slow piano opens up the second side before kicking off into a march. Progressive, Harmony filled, chanting, very operatic. Going from lighter sections and into heavy rock for the solo portion. - 8/10

Love of My Life - Transitioning from the previous song, the beautiful and delicate Love of My Life shows Freddie at his most tender in a short sweet and majestic ballad. - 10/10

Good Company - Another mid paced track sang by Brian, has some interesting changes in it, although it just doesn't contend with the previous two tracks or the monstrous Masterpiece that follows. - 7/10

Bohemian Rhapsody - Do I really need to explain this? A masterpiece of music - 10/10

God Save The Queen - Ending the Opera with an instrumental for bows and goodbyes, great instrumental although if the album wasn't an opera it wouldn't really be needed. - 8/10

Overall 84%

jazz from hell

Ancient Mariner
If you want normal, listen to Satriani.
I didn’t even notice Tosin was in the video. Arrangement was executed well, considering some of them aren’t necessarily natural team players. But I’m not going to watch it again, I‘d prefer a new Vai solo album already, and a very non-normal one!


Ancient Mariner
The music at work is most of the time old boring stuff, mixed with new tasteless crap, played randomly.
Most of the time. Every now and then there's a spark, a good song, even a great one. (Another Brick In The Wall Part II , Kayleigh, Child In Time)
I work amost 9 years at this place and until today it didn't happen before that 5 songs from the same band were played!
And that band was Queen! A Kind Of Magic, Another One Bites The Dust, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Don't Stop Me Now and I Want To Break Free are the songs that were played during my working day. I just hope I don't have to wait another 9 years for something like this.