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Is anyone familiar with the band Threshold? I happened to hear a song by them on Spotify and now I'd like to discover them further. Anyone have any album/song recommendations?

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Is anyone familiar with the band Threshold? I happened to hear a song by them on Spotify and now I'd like to discover them further. Anyone have any album/song recommendations?

Threshold's latest album (Legends of the Shires) is very good, but my favorite is March of Progress (not a bad tune on the whole album). These feature different singers, but both good. For their "older" stuff try Hypothetical and Subsurface, which have yet a different singer.

They're a musically solid but not overly complex band with great vocal melodies and big soaring choruses. I can't really think of anyone to compare them to, so I'd say listen to March of Progress and go from there. Their overall sound hasn't changed too much over the years. For the Journey is probably their heaviest, but it's weaker than the others I mentioned.


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Agree with that, though IIRC, those first albums are somewhat hit and miss.

I can't really think of anyone to compare them to

If I were to, I'd say a cross between Redemption (the riffs and energy) and Riverside (the more "modern" sound), but I might be wrong. I haven't listened to any of the three for more than half a year, Riverside since late 2016.

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Thanks guys! Legends of the Shires is awesome. I really like the singer on that one. I'm going to give March of Progress a listen right now.

If I were to, I'd say a cross between Redemption (the riffs and energy) and Riverside (the more "modern" sound)
I'm not familiar with Redemption, but Riverside is another band that I like a lot. I'm not really a big fan of the soundscape album, but all of their other albums that I've heard are awesome. Apparently they're supposed to release a new album later this year, so I'm excited to see how that one turns out.


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Threshold- 4 different singers over 11 cds? Only play U.S.A. at prog festivals? No wonder I never heard of them until this forum started talking about them couple of years ago. But i do like their music and am glad to have been introduced to them.

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They don't appear to tour much, but they do have a show in London in a few months where they'll play all of 'Legends of the Shires'.

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After being very annoyed with Threshold after they dumped Damien Wilson and not bothering with legends of the shires for a while after release I have to admit it’s a cracking album after finally listening to it a few months back. Don’t understand the album title though as it gives the impression it’s a Tolkien concept album yet it’s nothing of the sort.

I’ve been onto threshold for a while now and they are super solid and deliver great albums on a consistent basis. The revolving door of vocalists does get annoying but each one they’ve had are very good singers.

The longest standing vocalist was Andrew ‘mac’ Mcdermott who first sang on the Clone album and was on a total of 5 albums until he upped and left. Of the albums he was on subsurface was the standout for me. Not a single weak song and some of the most impressive stuff they’ve ever done. The art of reason is probably my favourite song they’ve ever done, musically and lyrically.

After Mac they recruited Damien Wilson back who was the singer on the debut and another previous album. He is one of my favourite vocalists ever, amazing voice. He went on to do two albums, March of progress and for the journey which next to subsurface are the strongest albums they’ve ever done. Threshold sacked Wilson last year when he dared to suggest that maybe it’s about time he was an equal member of the band rather than a singer for hire! This peed me off no end as not only is Damien a great singer but the reason threshold have never jumped up from the B league is the constant singer changes. Just as the fans get used to a voice they go and change it so sacking Damien Wilson seemed another big step backwards.

Overall they’ve never released a duffer as all their albums are solid. From Hypothetical onwards the albums are all top tier with the previous albums all being very good in my opinion.


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Last week listened to about 2 songs from each cd in chronological order. 1st 4 cds didn't do much for me, but from the 5th cd on, I really enjoyed what I heard (seemed to really hit their stride).

Granted these are 1st impressions and the early material will probably grow on me with further listens.


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Various rhythms in this song from the 1970 debut album by Egg !

  • Dave Stewart - organ, piano, tone generator, mellotron
  • Mont Campbell - bass, vocals
  • Clive Brooks - drums
Full album:

Side one
  1. "Bulb" (Peter Gallen) – 0:09
  2. "While Growing My Hair" (Clive Brooks, Mont Campbell, Dave Stewart) – 3:53
  3. "I Will Be Absorbed" (Brooks, Campbell, Stewart) – 5:10
  4. "Fugue in D Minor" (Johann Sebastian Bach) – 2:46
  5. "They Laughed When I Sat Down at the Piano…" (Brooks, Campbell, Stewart) – 1:17
  6. "The Song of McGillicudie the Pusillanimous (Or Don't Worry James, Your Socks Are Hanging in the Coal Cellar with Thomas)" (Brooks, Campbell, Stewart) – 5:07
  7. "Boilk" (Brooks, Campbell, Stewart) – 1:00
Side two
  1. "Symphony No. 2" (Brooks, Campbell, Stewart) – 22:26
    • Movement 1
    • Movement 2
    • Blane
    • Movement 4


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I've already put this into the Now Playing thread, but... knock, knock...


Voivod are back. And strong as ever, despite losing Blacky again. As usual, they sound different from pretty much anyone. At the best moments it actually sent me back in time to high school when I first started listening to Floyd and others.

I must go back and listen to Target Earth some more - I didn't want to overplay too soon it in case it would be the last album (yeah, sounds crazy, I know), but Chewy Mongrain really was a blessing for them.

Man, this album is cool.