How good is Powerslave on a scale of 1-10?

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10/10, A very atmospheric song, I have always had a personal interest in ancient egyptian mythology so the lyrics appealed to me immediately, solid title track, one BD's finest.

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Nothing new to add here. It used to be one of my top10 songs. Got a little bored of it over the years, so i'm going to give it a 9.


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Powerslave deserves a 10 easily. The instrumental midpiece is phenomenal, and I particularly like the backing vocals in the chorus.

Dave's slow solo gets me every time I hear it. Live it's a thrilling treat, but on the studio version as well. Later two more breathtaking solos follow.


10/10, a beast of a song a great live tune and the story and content are interesting too... best on the album? almost



'Powerslave' took a little while to grow on me for some reason, but it's now solidly placed in the upper tier of my Maiden rankings. One reason I love it is the unusual scale used in the verse riff, which I believe is called the double harmonic major scale. The riff doesn't use all the notes of that scale, but it's the one that sounds most fitting to my ears for that part of the song. The octave riff that comes in shortly after that reminds me of some of the parts Deep Purple used to improvise around during the early 70s; it sounds perfect in 'Powerslave'. The instrumental sections are some of the best Maiden have ever done. Mysteriously, they just passed me by the first few times I listened to the track, and it took me a while to realise that I'd been missing one of Dave Murray's greatest moments in his gorgeous slow solo. Strange.

Overall, it's a song packed with more adventurous ideas than most bands would attempt to fit into a single song, and they're performed with the finesse and precision that we all recognise as Maiden hallmarks.
This song is absolutley perfect! The lyrics paint a great story in my mind. This is probably one of Bruce's best vocal performances and Steve's bass in the instrumental part is mesmerizing. What can be better than seeing Bruce perform this live with the Powerslave mask on! 10.


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I don't like Bruce's vocals in this song. But he does sing the chorus great(along with the backing vocals) and the solo's easily top 10 maiden solo's but the damn voice Bruce decides to go with make me vote it a 7/10


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Bruce knocks it out of the park on this one, as weird as he sounds. I love the musical tonality. Also, Dave solos his ass off here and, for once, out-solos Adrian Smith! *shock* *awe*
This is Maiden at their very best. Bruce delivers an amazing vocal performance with godly high notes, and some of my favorite solos from Murray and H ever. The crushing verse riff at the beginning built from the harmonic minor scale really conveys the Egyptian atmosphere of the album, and did I mention Bruce's vocals were godly? Following the verse comes my favorite part, the instrumental middle section. Love Steve's bass in this, and the counterpoint between the bass and Davey's legato solo is beautiful and almost neo-classical sounding. H's solo is eargasmic as well as Davey's following. Nicko's fills are fantastic.

I could keep going on about this, so I'll just say 10/10, most certainly the climax of the album.
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The person who gave this a 2 has probably been slaughtered by Eddie.
One of the greatest songs I've ever heard. I'd give it an 11 if I could.
The final two songs on powerslave, including the title track, are instant classics the moment the sound waves graced my eardrums. Nothing needs to be said about them really. It's not even up for debate. 10/10

I do love how the song Powerslave makes you feel like you're inside of an egyptian temple. The ghosts of pharaohs past are haunting you as you walk with a dimly lit torch.


The best Maiden songs are the one that take you to another time and place. This definetly does. Just listening to this and lose yourself in the ancient egyptian, ruled by no other than Eddie, is magical.

You have already said everything that needs to be said. Fantastic song, love the scales. The guitar solos and the breakdown are magnificent. Great vocals by bruce and a chorus that's even better live (love the Flight 666 verision). The ending in one of their best.

To me this albums seems like a concept album even I know it isn't. Every song feels egyptian to me, from the magic breakdown in 2 Minutes, to the dominant lead riff in Flash to the instrumental part in The Dualist, to the harmonic melody leading into the riff after the solos in Mariner. The cover paints a picture in you head for the whole album and I love that.

My third 10!



Ancient Mariner
This is one of the best songs ever. Bruce really knows how to tell a story. The instrumental part is fantastic. Powerslave is probably the ultimate Maiden album from the 80's IMO. Where everyone were at their absolute best. And this song is a testament to that, as well as the song that follows on the album...