How good is Powerslave on a scale of 1-10?

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Dickinson has stated that the inspiration for the theme of his lyrics
came because he thought that in the lyrics of "Revelations", though
contained references to ancient Egypt, the subject was not developed at all
of the afterlife, which is the basis of the ancient Egyptian
culture. Also, in the same interview he had stated that the lyrics are in
partly allegorical and describe how every human being is a slave to one
power greater than himself and by extension how he felt
enslaved to the responsibilities that accompanied his immense success
complex. Finally, he adds that he had thought of the catastrophes
results of the concentration of absolute power in a person when the
Richard Milhous Nixon (1913 - 1994), 37th President of the United States, characterized
any withdrawal of US troops from the Vietnam War
"A huge victory of communism that would lead to the Third
World War".
The performance of ''Powerslave'' from Live Chapter is the only live version of the song in which the backing vocals during the chorus (like it is in the studio version) are added live - it sounds great.

Powerslave from Boston 1999, when Adrian was absent. Which means: extremely rare version of this song with Dave and Janick.
Jan's solo isn't that bad and I like the sound of the harmony that follows it.
Great solo from Janick. He is very good with those kind of exotic/Egyptian-sounding solos (like we can hear in Parchment, Pilgrim, Nomad, Fear Is The Key). In fact, Dave and Adrian are also amazing with this type of solos.
A heartbeat, a cry, and then we’re back into a heavy fucking metal riff as Bruce’s third solo song leaps onto the stage. And here’s where he really shows everyone what a phenomenal writer he is. Lyrically this song about a dying pharaoh is quite intricate, with little references that it took me years to get (the final verse is about the curse of the pharaohs, dunno why I never got it until recently). Musically, goddamn. Awe inspiring riff, fantastic bass work, and some of the best guitar solos in Maiden history. Vocally this isn’t one of Bruce’s hardest to sing, but it suits his voice so well and the way he really goes hard with it, particularly in the finale, so good. Another absolute corker on an album that never lets up. 10/10
Finally a song on this album that I can genuinely say that it's a masterpiece and that I love it.
Don't love that whenever I listen to the verses my girlfriend starts singing Macarena to the galopping guitars :D

Bruce sings the song in a suitable register. The backing vocals in the chorus are fun. The verses and chorus are energetic. If this were all, the song would still be a 9, but of course the highlight is the instrumental section and the solos. Pure magic and up to this point chronologically easily the best song Maiden recorded. 10.