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Maybe I misunderstand something here but Blaze was fired in 1999.

Just trying to be curious here but I think he was "officially fired" in 1999, february....but the decision to fire Blaze/talking with Bruce about returning were probably already happening while the Virtual XI tour was coming to a close in 1998.


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Day 186
They can range from "OK, that was cool to hear." to "WTF was he thinking?!" But at least they were a special little touch to each gig since Maiden are so stubborn on the same setlist during the whole tour. I must say I missed his rants on LOTB (there is one big rant after 4th song, but that's about it...)


EDIT: As a bonus, here's a Metallica meme (not mine)

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I'd say WITH his editing. From all albums, he had the least input on this one, at least since Powerslave.