Paul Di'Anno

Niall Kielt

Ancient Mariner
I agree, from an outsider/fan point of view, i feel id be happy if the Maiden Family just paid for it. But the fact that he has a crowdfunder in the first place suggests to me that they wont/havent. And I wouldnt judge them harshly if they didnt. Fuck knows what goes on behind closed doors. I suppose that if an individual really cares then they will donate what they can/want.
I will donate come payday, if I remember. He deserves a new knee for Running Free alone. And Killers. And every single ounce of beautiful agression he gave to a fabulous time in a wonderful bands career. Maiden havent been the same since he left.


Ancient Mariner
I made my contribution. I hope the surgery allow Paul to live a better life and be a better person in the future.


Pica Serdica
Yes, it could be better that's for sure. It's sad to see that only 279 people supported this campaign.
If it weren't for your post I wouldn't have supported it either because I simply wouldn't have known - so thank you for that.
I'm sure if more people knew about it there would be much more of a support.


Ancient Mariner
I think the guy shared the campaign via facebook or twitter in the campaign site and arrived to Blabbermouth where I saw the news and even it's easy to support via paypal. Thanks for supported him too. I really enjoyed with the first two albums and the raw of his singing style of that years.