One of Bruce's rants has apparently stirred up a lot of hate (SPOILERS)


Incase you haven't seen it, here is the video:

Moment starts around 14 seconds in

The situation was, apparently Bruce noticed a person on their phone in the crowd for at least three of the songs played, so he called him out on it, saying "Oh, for fuck's sake, the bald guy in the white shirt, you've been texting for the last three fucking songs. YOU'RE A WANKER!"

I, personally, found the situation to be hilarious. Bruce had every right to be pissed, in my opinion. But reading through the comments on that video, I was just shocked at how many people were insulting Bruce because of it. Those Bruce "rants" go back to the 90's at least, maybe even the 80's, so I do not understand all of the hate over this one video and comment?

I understand the defense of the argument, "Well, his money, his ticket, he can do whatever he wants!" but at the same time, why do all those comments seem to insult Bruce personally? Am I the only one who thinks it's just wrong to be on your phone at a concert? (Especially for three songs, at least?)

I just wanted to bring it up here, and see what you people thought about the situation.

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I agree with Bruce. I can't remember the last time I texted/recorded anything during a concert.


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Honestly, I couldn't give a crap! :D

The ticket buyer is quite entitled to use his phone; in this context, as we understand it. Bruce is quite entitled to mock him. Just a bit of fun I'd say. However, under other circumstances, clearly either set of behaviour might be less appropriate e.g. Paying for a ticket doesn't entitle you to throw shit at the act you've paid to see; or the guy might have been dealing with an emergency (as someone else pointed out when this was mentioned in the other thread.); etc.


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You can do whatever you want as long as it isn't distracting others. But don't whine if you get called out for texting at a concert. Really that's just plain rude.


I thought this was brilliant, typical Brucie :p I don't think that Bruce was 'pissed off', or anything of such nature, he's poking fun at the fella (indeed, in being so outward in his outburst) and having a bit of a laugh with the audience; if you don't mind me saying, it's very much in keeping with a British sense of humour :p I reckon there wouldn't be half as much 'Bruce abuse' in the comments on youtube had this happened at a concert which was not in the USA of Americaland...

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I suppose it's like sitting in the front row at a stand-up comedy show. It didn't sound like Bruce was being particularly aggressive, although calling the guy a "wanker" was a bit over-the-top, instead it was more like he was messing around a bit for the benefit of everybody else. However, if I was called a "wanker" by the singer of a band I went to see then I don't know if I'd be able to listen to them any longer.

There's a video of a Foo Fighters show in Paris where Dave Grohl starts to rage at someone who's starting fights so he was yelling at him "Get the hell out of my show asshole! Nobody starts fights at my show!"

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I don't understand why someone would be more interested in their phone than the concert, and I would certainly be going "What the fck?" if I saw him... and yes, Bruce's rants are a common thing... but actually to an extent I agree it's over the top.

Sure, "Dude put your phone down and enjoy the show man!" or try be funny "Sorry mate are we boring you? Would you like me to dance a bit? *chuckle*" etc.. make himself seem more fun etc etc..... but calling him a wanker.. why? I mean honestly why? I sure don't understand why he would want to be on his phone but that doesn't make the guy a wanker.

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I don't care either way. I just thought this is one of Bruce's best moments in years. His rants are part of why he's my favorite frontman. :D

Whoever's actually lecturing Bruce has a major stick up his ass. There's nothing funnier than an angry frontman.


It seems to me that this is just a case of Bruce being Bruce. In my opinion his rants have become part of his persona on stage although i'm not sure why this particular one is generating the amount of insults towards Bruce. I'm sure I could go on youtube right now and find more than one video of Bruce calling someone much worse than a "wanker".


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What's the big deal? Buddy had his fucking cell phone out during a concert. He should have been paying attention. I mean, if it's once or twice, alright, but three times? Come the fuck on.
If your going to text do it in between songs. Thats the only time I did at the Atlanta concert, and it was to tell my friend how fucking amazing the show was!


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He fully deserved it, if you ask me. OK, maybe doing it once, if it was an emergency is acceptable but repeatedly texting is an insult to the band. Any band. If you're bored by the show, you can always leave. But standing in front of the stage, in full view of the band and just demonstrating how cool you are - I don't get it.
It's amazing how many "emergency situations" happen to regular people every single day...
particularly after portable cellular telephonic devices became readily available and affordable to the general public.

Before everybody had a cellphone, most people only had to deal with maybe one or two actual emergencies per year.
Go figure. :rolleyes:


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The ticket buyer is quite entitled to use his phone; in this context, as we understand it. Bruce is quite entitled to mock him. Just a bit of fun I'd say. \.

Exactly. Personally I don't know why anyone would be using their phone at a Maiden concert unless I'd gotten a text that a loved one had died although chances are I wouldn't check the text until after the concert anyway :p.