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Official Star Wars Thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bearfan, Oct 30, 2012.

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    Out of all 9 SW that I watched, this is the only one that was... boring. Don't get me wrong, prequels had a lot of problems, but at least there was something in each one that I liked. This one - none. I get that a lot of people like this movie and I see why. After all, it's all down to personal taste.

    First, I didn't have any opinion on Force Awakens since it was such a blatant copy. Rogue One, on the other hand, I liked that one very much. And then came this one...

    Now, I didn't knew a thing about the movie before I went to watch it, just saw one trailer few months before it. Maybe I should've, it would probably change my opinion on it. Also, the fact that I watched it in late hours (since it was the only time it had 2D screenings), the fact that they put half an hour comercials before it (which made me wonder why I payed for ticket that much) and the fact that they had a 20 minute pause in the middle of the movie (which made me went back in my college days, since it felt like a lecture) also probably affected my opinion.

    AFAIK they started to make this movie without any guidelines, primarely on Snooke and Rey's heritage. Considering second one, I see a lot of people discussing it online. Believe me, it is far from over, they will bring that back in the most cheesy and predictable way. Another thing I read a lot is how people say it was great since they failed all. Why? If it was a stand alone movie, I could understand that, it would have some message. But in trilogies and cannon movies, where the story needs progressing (same as a charachters) it doesn't have any sense. It didn't seem also like they learnt something from it. So putting everything back on the place as same as it was on the ending of FA makes it dull a little. Maybe if they shortened it a little, or put it as a flashback and progress the story a little would've been better.

    The humour was out of place, and what was worse - predictable. Few seconds before the one-liner you could see it coming. It can be also said for some "dramatic" twists in the movie: as soon as you can see what will happen, adding anything more to create suspense is just stretching the obvious and dulling the athmosphere. The whole Finn storyline (as long with his character and Rose) was diverse as a plain A4 paper. It was obvious that they didn't know what to do with him, which is a shame since, to me, he was the only "new" and original character from the previous one. Also, the one thing that had potential to me was introducing the 3rd way of thinking into the franchise (Benicio del Toro's character) was so short, simplified and half-done in favour of "we-kill-him/her-oh-no-wait-we-didn't" moments (which were 3 of them if I remember correctly).

    I couldn't care less about the discusions about Luke, Yoda and the Jedi's since that whole part to me looked more fantasy and less SF, and it really put me out of the franchise (not story-wise but more scenery-wise). And Fake Hamster-Chickens, Fake Camel-Horses and Fake Frozen Foxes sound better as indie-rock band then a neccesery creature in SW.

    All this being said it seemed to me like they tried to please everybody: from SW fanboys to casual viewers, from hyped-up kids to nostalgic pensioner but the only population they hit right, in big way, were teens. Which makes me think: I was 13 when I went to see Phantom Menace, and I loved the Duel of the Fates. My older cousins were my age when they saw Return of the Jedi, they've also loved it. Teens in school now praise The Last Jedi. It's probably an age thing. I'm getting old.

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