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And they hired him to be better than that - to make the team better. Something's wrong in the Big Apple.
He's contributed to 60% of his team's goals so far.  How can anyone say he's doing poorly simply because his teammates aren't producing?
Well, even if he is hitting 60% of his teams goals (yikes, that's a sad stat right there), he was expected to bring in 90 points per season - in other words, more than he has done by 2. Working off memory.

I'm not blaming Richards. Let me take a step back and say that I don't think this is Richards at all. I'm just saying that for a team with such high expectations, it has to be a very, very disappointing start. I would not be surprised if Torts has already gotten a warning call.
Were there really high expectations for the Rangers?
Richards was a nice addition, but not the missing ingredient to Cup challenger.
I saw them as a probable playoff team, not a lock.
Besides, every team in the league has a bad four or five game stretch, for some it's the first four or five.
I'd wait and see what they do in the next five or ten before getting too excited.
I'm not excited. I'm just surprised. I really did expect them to do better out of the gate.

It's New York, never an easy place to play.
LooseCannon said:
I'm sure they'll turn it around. I don't expect Phil Kessel to win the Art Ross.

...but, but, but, the Leafs are 3-0! Clearly they're going all the way this year!
Burke is a genius! Reimer is Patrick Roy!  :D
See, that looked like a team that was starting to settle down. Good on them. Pavelec was incredible as well.
Wtf was TSN thinking when they broke for the Rypien tribute in the Penguins - Wild game with 7 minutes to go in the third period... then cut the tribute short and rejoined the game with a minute and a half left?  :blink: Idiots...
Great term, good blog and oh so true. They'll right the ship eventually. I'm just shaking my head at Letang. One stupid hit and now he's suspended 2 games.
Hawks looked good against Colorado last night, I like the way the team is coming together, if they stay fairly healthy, I think they have a shot to make some noise this year.
God help the Winnipeg Jets... the Flyers game is just too painful to continue watching...  :( This is enough to drive a man to drink...
Even with the 9-8 win, this was, with the exception of the first period, a pathetic effort. I hope Claude Noel rips a new asshole for every one of them...
So the fan list goes something like this?
Taker — Jets
Bearfan — Hawks (duh)
Onhell — Pens
GP — ?
LC — Habs
Tuffers (who seems to have disappeared) — Rangers
Me — Sabres
Anyone else?

Just wanted to make sure, just in case I feel the need to stir the pot a little sometime this year.  :innocent:
(Right now might be the right time to be looking at you LC)
Caps for the last 4 seasons and I've grown up in southern Ontario so I'm a leafs fan at heart.

I'm really impressed with the young guys on the Oilers tho, they played a great game against the Caps.